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High School Students

Harper Memorial Library

Program Descriptions

Discover the awesome course opportunities for high school students this summer at the University of Chicago. Within a supportive campus community, students from all over the globe are exposed to diverse ideas in classrooms taught by world-class faculty and instructors. In the classroom, students are given the chance to take intellectual risks, dive more deeply into subject matter, and discuss questions that go beyond the realm of their high school curriculum.

College Pathway Programs

Learn what makes UChicago one of the most innovative and impactful universities in the world through the Pathway programs.

UChicago Immersion

Immerse yourself in one of your passions, and take advantage of the rich educational resources offered by the University and the city of Chicago through our Summer Immersion programs for high school students. In these undergraduate-level courses, you will get personalized attention from faculty, researchers, and other professionals who will lead you through labs, workshop discussions, field observations, research projects, and other hands-on activities.

Undergraduate Courses for High School Students

Join us this summer to explore new subjects, delve into a current interest with intense focus, and broaden your powers of perception when you earn college credit with undergraduate courses at the University of Chicago. As a Summer Session student, you can enroll in undergraduate courses drawn from the regular curriculum of the College at the University of Chicago. 

Arts and Sciences Summer in Chicago

Arts and Sciences is an intensive pre-college summer program for high school students that cultivates critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, and effective communication skills through interdisciplinary work drawing upon material from the sciences, humanities, and the social sciences. Students educated in the liberal arts tradition are distinguished by their ability to successfully navigate a fast-paced world that is increasingly characterized by complexity, diversity, and change.

Research in the Biological Sciences (RIBS)

Furthering the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, discovering how to preserve blood, laying the mathematical foundations for the theory of genetic evolution—the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division is a leader in these and many other areas of research. This summer, learn the techniques used in leading-edge biological research in lab facilities at a premier research university.

Stones and Bones

Join the Field Museum’s Distinguished Service Curator Lance Grande for a four-week intensive practicum in paleontology in Chicago and Wyoming. Go into the field and behind the scenes at The Field Museum to learn how fossils are collected, analyzed, and conserved, as you work alongside museum scientists in the lab and in the field.

Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars

Thanks to the vision and the generosity of the Neubauer family, top students engaged in Hispanic/Latino communities can now participate in select University of Chicago Summer Session courses free of charge.

The Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program brings talented rising high school seniors to the University of Chicago campus to get an early taste of an exceptional college experience.

Outstanding students who share the Neubauers' commitment to the Hispanic/Latino communities are invited to apply.


Chicago Public School (CPS) high school students studying Arabic or Chinese can apply to take a free 4-week summer language course at the University of Chicago in a program funded by STARTALK. 

Admissions Academy

While on campus take advantage of the Summer Session Admissions Academy for high school students! All sessions are free of charge, and you may want to attend as many as you wish within each 3-week session. The Academy offers workshops that help students like you gain insight into the holistic admissions process and prepare you for your upcoming college applications. Get an early start on your college journey and have the chance to talk to actual admissions officers from UChicago!