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Parrhesia Summer Academy

Programs on Freedom of Expression and Public Discourse

Parrhesia: to speak freely and openly.

Rooted in the University of Chicago Principles of Free Expression, the Parrhesia Summer Academy offers innovative and engaging curricula in the theory and practice of free expression, public discourse, and democratic engagement. Summer classes are taught with the rigor and critical thinking that are the hallmarks of a University of Chicago education.

The Academy’s offerings are part of the Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse which embodies The University of Chicago’s commitment to open and vigorous civic deliberation and dialogue. Small classes allow for individual attention, plenty of opportunity for participation and communication with the instructor and peers. 

Parrhesia Summer Academy offers programs for Undergraduate StudentsPre-College Students, and Educators

Parrhesia Undergraduate Courses

Internet Censorship and Online Speech

This class is aimed at College students (both current University of Chicago students and visiting undergraduates from elsewhere) who aspire to become civic leaders or build a career in public service.

Parrhesia Pre-College Summer Courses and Programs

Freedom of Expression and the Politics of Social Media

Students in this class will read classical and current texts on freedom of expression, examine case law in free speech, and explore current controversies and statements and policies of social media organizations.

Parrhesia Ambassador Program

The one-week program aims to introduce pre-college students to the fundamental principles and practices that prepare students to communicate in a variety of contexts. 

Seminars for College and High School Educators

Seminars for college and high school educators focus on curricular and program design and cultivating learning environments to support open inquiry and vigorous, inclusive, and productive discourse.


Other Free Expression and Public Discourse Opportunities

Public Thinking, a Point and Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse partnership, will take place July 29 - August 9, 2024, in Chicago. This Summer Workshop is free for all admitted students.