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Pre-College Connect

This summer, connect with UChicago both online and in-person! In Precollege Connect, students explore subjects like biology, psychology, and art through three-week intensive courses that start online, with real-time interaction with your UChicago instructor and fellow students, and culminate in a one-week capstone on-campus experience. Make the most of UChicago’s online and in-person resources by combining virtual activities with in-person labs, museum trips, and more!

Pre-College Connect will be fully remote for the first two weeks of the program and residential for the last week of the program.  Students live in residence and attend class in-person for the third week only.

Eligibility: Current high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, who are at least 14 years old.



Remote Course Dates

July 15 - July 26

Residential Course Dates

July 29 - August 1


Sunday, July 28


Friday, August 2

Each summer course is the equivalent of a full, quarter-long (9 week) course.

Courses are three weeks long. During the remote part of the course, students will be in class for 2 hours per day. During the residential component, students will be class from 9am – 3pm CST with a lunch break Monday through Friday. Read each course listing carefully.

Once you choose the course(s) for which you would like to apply, make a note of the department code and course number (ex. ANTH 21501).

See individual course descriptions for prerequisites, if any.

Evolution in Thought, Art, and Culture

Evolution, as it is understood by biologists and other scientists, refers to the process of generational change in the inherited characteristics of life forms.

Foundations of Psychological Research

This course introduces students to the basic concepts and methods used in conducting psychological research in order to gain understanding of how science can be used to answer questions about thoughts, emotions,