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Pre-College Costs & Aid

We hope you will join the University of Chicago Summer Session community! Please review the program costs, financial aid & scholarship info, and payment & refund deadlines before you commit to the program. 

Program Costs

The *estimated* Pre-College Program Costs for Summer 2022 are as follows: 

  2022 Residential Programs (costs include housing and dining)


Research in the Biological Sciences


Stones and Bones


  2022 Remote Programs 
Pre-College Summer Language Institute


Summer College


Summer Online



*Final costs to be determined in March 2022. 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Pre-College Scholarships

High school students are eligible for a number of scholarships and aid.


In order to be considered for need-based aid to support students with demonstrated financial need, students must complete the additional information requested in the application. Students will be notified of aid awards at the time of their admission decision.

Aid varies based on need and program cost; students typically receive between the following amounts:

  • Immersion: $500 - $4,800
  • Pre-College Summer Language Institute: $1,000 - $6,000
  • Research in the Biological Sciences: $500 - $9,000
  • Stones & Bones: $5000 - $9,000
  • Summer College: $500 - $3,300
  • Summer Online: $500 - $3,500

Students will be asked to upload additional financial documentation on the Supplement page of their application. US citizens and permanent residents should supply their parents' most recent 1040s and W2s. International students should provide (1) a copy of the most recent income tax forms from the country where their parents pay taxes; (2) a letter from parents’ employer, stating position, salary, all benefits, and years of service; (3) a bank statement (or a letter from the bank) showing the amount of funds available to parents or student. If you have any questions about what to provide, please contact us at


In addition to providing need-based scholarships, UChicago is pleased to provide scholarship programs for students to be able to take a Summer Session course free of charge, as well as explore UChicago with the free One-Week Enrichment programs. To learn more about these programs, please review the UChicago Scholarship Program page and One-Week Enrichment program page. Some programs are limited as to when students can participate, have age or grade eligibility requirements, and are only offered during one session in the summer. Additional programming and workshops are provided for the scholarship programs typically geared toward helping students better understand the college admissions process and build skills for success in college.


Students who apply through external scholarship partners will have varied scholarship opportunities.

Accepted partner organization scholarships include:

  • Minds Matter
  • OSSE
  • Providence St. Mel School
  • Questbridge
  • Squash + Education Alliance
  • Success Academy Charter Schools
  • Summer of a Lifetime

Students who apply as part of an external scholarship cohort will not have to pay an application fee or submit a Financial Aid Application, but they will need to indicate on the application that they are applying through a partnership program. The partnership organization must also confirm the student's affiliation in a separate communication with the Summer Session Office.

Payment and Refund Deadlines

Students and family should make sure they understand the payment and refund schedule, as listed below.

Immersion, RIBS, Stones and Bones, and Summer Online
Within one week of admittance, a balance of $1,000 will be due on student's UChicago Account. The deposit holds student's place in the program and can be paid via credit card. The full balance will be due within four weeks of being admitted to Summer Session. Students will forfeit their space in the course if we do not receive payment. 

Pre-College Summer Language Institute and Summer College
The Bursar's Office will issue bills to the student’s my.uchicago accounts at the end of June and payment will be due in mid-July, after Summer Session classes begin. Payments must be paid via bank account or wire transfer. Credit cards will not be accepted. Currently, the Bursar's Office does not offer payment plans to Summer Session students.

Withdrawing & Refunds

Students should make sure they understand the withdrawal and refund schedule, as listed below.


All students who have confirmed their admission will be registered in their course(s); if you decide to withdraw after you have sent in your confirmation form and deposit, you must email with an official withdrawal request. Students are responsible for the program fee if they have not officially withdrawn. 

Please Note: verbally informing an instructor that you are withdrawing or failing to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal.


All requests for refunds must be made in writing to

Tuition refunds for each program are as follows:

  • Application fees and the enrollment deposit are nonrefundable for all programs.

Immersion, Stones and Bones, and RIBS: 

  • 100% of program fee (minus deposit) will be refunded up until May 10, 2022.
  • After May 10, no refunds will be available. 

Pre-College Summer Language Institute:

  • 100% of program fee (minus deposit) will be refunded up until June 24, 2022.
  • After June 24, no refunds will be available. 

Summer College and Summer Online: 

  • Session 1: 100% of program fee (minus deposit) will be refunded up until June 17, 2022.
    • After June 17, no refunds will be available. 
  • Session 2: 100% of program fee (minus deposit) will be refunded up until July 8, 2022.
    • After July 8, no refunds will be available.

100% of program fees, including enrollment deposits, will be refunded only if a course or program is canceled and the student does not select another course or program to attend in its place. 

Students who must leave the program due to a medical or serious family situation that prevents them from completing the program should contact to discuss financial obligations.

More information about costs and Withdrawing is included in the Policies Handbook.