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Parrhesia Ambassador Program

Students attend class outside

Rooted in the University of Chicago Principles of Free Expression, the Parrhesia Program offers an innovative curriculum in the theory and practice of public discourse and deliberation.

Parrhesia, to speak freely and openly, signifies our commitment to open and vigorous civic deliberation and dialogue. This curriculum is open to pre-college students through a series of courses offered within the Summer Session Immersion catalog and through this one-week enrichment program.

The one-week Parrhesia Ambassador Program aims to introduce pre-college students, who are earlier in their academic journey, to the fundamental principles and practices that prepare students to communicate in a variety of contexts. Course assignments and exercises actively engage students in the rhetorical process of argument construction and presentation preparation and delivery. Selected participants will also be tasked with serving as ambassadors and changemakers by sharing the principles of discourse and freedom of expression in their home communities.

Participants will be tasked with serving as ambassadors and changemakers by sharing the principles of discourse and freedom of expression in their schools and communities. To help them reach this goal, participants will have the opportunity to nominate an Educator from their school to attend the Parrhesia Ambassador Faculty program.

The program will be hosted on-campus, and program participants must reside in campus housing for the duration of the program. This course is being offered at no cost to selected participants, and participants who require financial assistance for travel to and from campus are eligible to receive additional funds.

Program Contact: All questions should be directed to Max Bartley at

Application Requirements

Applicants should be at least 14 years of age, be a current sophomore (10th grade) in high school, and reside and be enrolled in a high school within the United States. Students of any citizenship who meet this criteria are eligible to apply.

To be considered, applicants must complete an online application, provide an updated high school transcript, and respond to a short essay. A nomination from a teacher or counselor is also recommended, and can be completed here.

Applicants must select “Enrichment Programs,” and then they will be able to select this program.

Applications will be accepted online beginning January 3, 2023. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2023. All application decisions for this program will be released at the same time in mid-April.

Tuition & Fees

All costs, inclusive of tuition, room, and board, for this program are completely covered. Students will need to have their own health insurance. Students who require financial assistance for roundtrip transportation to and from campus may apply for additional funding by completing the financial aid application.

Program Dates

July 23 - July 28, 2023

Arrival date: Sun., July 23

Class starts: Mon., July 24

Class concludes: Fri., July 28

Departure: Fri., July 28