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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about Summer Session. Please see Residential and Remote FAQs for specific details.

If you missed our Information Session, watch the recording here!

Remote FAQ

Residential FAQ


How will COVID-19 (Coronavirus) impact Summer Session?

We will continue to provide updates and information regarding the ongoing situation on this website, and any changes will also be communicated directly with applicants or admitted students. For up-to-date University policies, please visit the University’s Coronavirus Updates website at

Students participating in residential programs can find more details here.


Should I apply for more than one course? What happens if the course(s) I want to take are full?

Yes, you are advised to apply to multiple courses on your application. If your first choice is full, we will review your application and consider you for placement in other courses you listed. Complete your application as soon as possible for the best chance to take your preferred class!

I attended the program last summer; how do I reapply?

Students who have attended a previous Summer Session should complete a new application by providing their personal information in the online application along with the application fee and an updated complete high school transcript, though other materials do not need to be resubmitted. Returning applicants should also submit an essay indicating their interest in the current courses they are applying to, but do not need to respond to a second essay, solicit new recommendations, or submit another graded writing sample. Simply enter "Summer 2021" as the first/last names of the recommenders and in the essay fields, unless you wish to have new recommendation letters submitted for the current application.

Applicants to the Research in the Biological Sciences (RIBS) program must submit an entirely new application, including essays, recommendations, and transcripts, even if they attended another Summer Session program.

Can you waive the application fee?

All students are required to submit the application fee, including students who are applying for financial aid.

There is no application fee for students applying to the UChicago Scholarship Programs and specific One Week Enrichment programs. Application fees are also waived for students applying through specific Community Based Organizations with whom we have a partnership, including Minds Matter, OSSE, Questbridge, Squash + Education, Success Academy, and Summer of a Lifetime. Students applying through these programs should contact the organization for details.

No other programs or students are currently eligible for a fee waiver.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

UChicago Summer Session awards need-based financial aid based upon an applicant’s demonstrated financial need. Students applying for such aid must complete a financial aid application as part of their admissions application so that the award determination can be included in the offer of admission. We do not offer financial aid to cover housing, dining, or fees. Please note that students who are admitted to a residential program, and then decide to take a remote course will have their financial aid awards reassessed.  

My parent has not received the parent confirmation or parental permission and release emails. What should I do?

Contact us at and we will resend the emails. Some emails have strong blocking systems, so please check your spam filters.

My recommender did not receive the link to the recommendation. What should we do?

Contact us at Include your name, the recommender's name, and the recommender’s email, and we will resend the request.

Should I wait until my recommendation is on file before submitting my application?

No, the letters can be added to your application once they are submitted. You do not need to wait to submit your application, but we will not be able to review your application until we receive the letter of recommendation.

I have attended more than one school since 9th grade. Should I only send my most current school's transcripts?

Transcripts should include the student's entire academic record since the 9th grade, as applicable. Students who have attended more than one school since the beginning of the 9th grade should submit one official transcript for each school they attended. Students who are currently in 9th grade should also submit their grades from the 8th grade.

How do I upload documents after I have submitted my application?

You can upload test scores and any updated documents to your UChicago Account at any time by clicking “Upload Materials.”

Are undocumented students eligible for admission to the Summer Session?

At the University of Chicago, we are committed to creating a diverse campus community. All students who apply, regardless of citizenship are considered for admission and aid. Former President Robert J. Zimmer issued a statement confirming the University’s commitment to our members of the community with undocumented immigration status or who qualify for relief under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. You may read the entire message online and please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Course Information and Credit

What is your attendance policy?

Regular class attendance, timely completion of work, and participation are required. Failure to meet these standards may result in probation or dismissal. Pre-college students are required to take all classes for a quality grade and missing more than a day will have a significant impact on your grade for the class.
Each Summer Session course is equivalent to 10 weeks of undergraduate coursework. Because Summer courses are condensed, 1-2 days of class is equivalent to an entire week of instruction during the regular academic year, so attendance and timely completion of work is critical. Summer Session courses and grades are recorded on a UChicago transcript; college applications, including the Common App, will require you to submit this transcript when you apply to colleges.

How long will I be in class? How much homework will I have?

Because Summer Session courses are equivalent to courses that last ten weeks during the rest of the academic year, the courses are intensive and rigorous. Students in the Pre-College programs should expect to have a full day (5-6 hours) of course-related activity, Monday through Friday. For every course, you will have daily homework assignments, such as reading or problem sets, as well as more long-term assignments such as research projects, papers to write, or exams to study for. Online courses will have both synchronous class work and asynchronous assignments.

Please consult the days and times listed under the descriptions of your courses, as your daily schedule will depend on your selected classes. Some courses will have course considerations such as "reading intensive," "writing intensive," "discussion intensive," "math intensive," and "coding intensive" to help you understand the nature of the work or how the work will be focused in class.

I require accommodations (such as extra time on exams, note taking, etc.). How do I request these for my Summer Session course?

As soon as you have accepted your admission to Summer Session, send an email to Disability Services at They will work with you to determine what accommodations you are eligible for, and coordinate the support you need. The kind of accommodations you need for on-site courses and online courses might differ, and the kind of accommodations that universities and K-12 schools provide may differ as well, so you will want to request a review by Disability Services as far in advance of the start of your course as possible.

Can I change courses (add/drop) during the summer?

Because Summer Session courses are brief and very intensive, we strongly encourage students to consider their choices very carefully before they apply. Course changes in undergraduate course offerings must be made before the second class meeting of a three-week course, and before the third class meeting for longer courses. Course changes in the Pre-College programs must be made before the end of the second day of classes. High school students in all programs will only be allowed to add/drop under very special circumstances once courses have begun. All changes must be approved by the Summer Session program staff at

What if the course I want to take is canceled?

Very occasionally, because of a significant conflict or because an insufficient number of students have enrolled in a class, a course is cancelled. Students who are registered in a cancelled class will be contacted by Summer Session and offered the opportunity to enroll in an alternative course or program. If a student does not wish to take another course in its place, the student's deposit will be returned. A course cancellation will be announced at least two weeks prior to the start of the course.

Are there classes on Juneteenth or July 4 (Independence Day)?

Classes will not be held on either Monday, June 20th for Juneteenth or Monday, July 4th, and University administrative offices will also be closed. Students should expect to be in class on the days surrounding the holiday unless an instructor says otherwise. 

Session 2 students will have specific orientation activities on July 4th. The dining hall will remain open, and the residential staff will provide special activities for students residing on campus.

Can I get my books before classes start?

In mid-May, students can see if their course requires a textbook by searching the Bookstore’s and Seminary Co-op websites. Many courses have readings that are available entirely online via Canvas that requires a cNet ID and password. 

Residential students are not expected to have their books before they arrive, unless the course instructor says otherwise. Residential students will have time during orientation weekend to purchase assigned course books.

We will notify remote students regarding whether their course requires a textbook.

Do I need a computer?

Remote students will need access to a computer while in class. Residential students are strongly advised to bring their own laptops with them. while there are computers and printing facilities available for student use throughout campus, students often find it is best to bring their own.  Some courses require students to bring a laptop to class. The main campus computing clusters support both PC and Mac platforms. All areas on campus are configured for wireless internet access. Please note that there is a nominal fee for printing via campus facilities; see for details.

Are Summer Session courses for credit?

All courses open to high school students are graded (A-F), carry at least 100 units of credit, and have undergraduate-level course numbers. It’s important to note that, as opposed to many universities that structure their calendars by semesters, the University of Chicago operates on a quarter system. Each University of Chicago 100-unit course is the equivalent of 3.3 semester credit hours.

  • Immersion, Summer College, Summer Online: 100 UChicago units = 5 quarter hours = 3.3 semester hours
  • RIBS, Stones and Bones: 200 UChicago units = 10 quarter hours = 6.6 semester hours
  • Summer Language Institute: 300 UChicago units = 15 quarter hours = 10 semester hours

How do I order or view my transcript?

To order transcripts, please log in to your myUChicago to view and request a transcript from the Registrar's Office. The Summer Session Office cannot issue transcripts; only the Registrar's Office can act in this capacity.

On your my.uchicago account, you should be able to request an official transcript by following these directions:
Students should select Academics (on the top left of the page) --> Academic Records --> Request Official Transcript

If you do not have access to your CNET ID, you can request transcript through Parchment here: 

How do I transfer credit from Summer Session courses to another university?

Students interested in transferring UChicago credit earned during Summer Session should contact the university where you would want the credit to be applied about their requirements for doing so. Transfer of credit is at the discretion of the recipient university. You will be able to request your transcript via your MyUChicago account after the summer quarter ends in late August.


If I take a UChicago Summer Session course for credit and eventually attend UChicago as an undergraduate, do those credits count towards my graduation requirements?

Unfortunately, these courses do not count toward graduation requirements. During the summer immediately prior to matriculation, incoming students are permitted to take University of Chicago courses. These will confer College credit. Interested students should see this page for more information.

Costs & Aid

What will be my total bill?

More information about your bill can be found on the Costs page. Costs can vary greatly by program and whether you are staying in housing.

Am I eligible for a scholarship or financial aid?

Based on a student's financial need, we award need-based financial aid. Students who wish to apply for need-based aid should complete the financial aid application as part of their admissions application, so that the award determination can be included in the offer of admission.

In addition to financial aid awards, UChicago also hosts scholarship programs for rural students, students engaged in Hispanic or Latino communities, students who identify as Black or African American, students whose parents are police officers or firefighters, and students who are currently enrolled in any of the United World Colleges to provide enhanced financial, academic, and social support in our Summer Session programs. To learn more about each of these programs, please visit the Scholarship Programs pages.


When and how do I pay my bill?

Immersion, RIBS, Stones and Bones, and Summer Online

  • Within one week of admittance, we require a deposit of $1,000 on the student’s UChicago Account. This payment holds a student’s place in the program and can be paid using a credit card.
  • The full balance will be due within four weeks of being admitted to Summer Session.
  • The enrollment deposit is waived for students admitted to any UChicago Scholarship Program.

Pre-College Summer Language Institute and Summer College 

  • The Bursar's Office will issue bills to the student’s my.uchicago account at the end of June and payment will be due in mid-July, after Summer Session classes begin. 
  • The Bursar's Office is unable to accept credit card payments. Bank account and wire transfer options are available. Please see more information about payment options here.
  • Currently, the Bursar's Office is not able offer payment plans to Summer Session students.

Does the program fee include health insurance?

For residential students, The University of Chicago automatically provides "blanket" accident, injury, and sickness insurance coverage for all Summer Session students. This coverage will be in addition to any primary health insurance students may already have. The cost of this insurance is included in the program fee for all in-person Summer Session programs. 
Students in remote programs will not have access to the insurance coverage. Students who are enrolled in one of our enrichment programs need to provide for their own insurance coverage while they are on campus. 

How do I withdraw from the program?

All students who have accepted their offer of admission will be registered for their course(s). If you decide to withdraw after you have sent in your confirmation form and deposit, please email us at Residential students are still responsible for the program fee if they have not officially withdrawn. 

Are my deposits refundable?

Enrollment deposits will be refunded only if a course or program is canceled, and the student does not select another course or program to attend in its place. We are unable to refund the application fee and the $1,000 enrollment fee if a student withdraws from a program.

Is my program fee refundable?

Depending on the program and proximity to the start date, students may be eligible for partial refunds of tuition. More information on tuition refunds is available at the Costs page. Please note that the refund does not include the $1,000 deposit.

Are Summer Session scholarships taxable?

Summer Session scholarships may be taxable. Consult with a tax professional for more information on your specific situation.