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Confronting a Political Economy in Crisis: Examining Causes, Creating Change

Program(s): Immersion

Young people, both in the US and elsewhere, are increasingly concerned about how climate change, toxic politics, and the fracturing of stable work arrangements will bear on their life prospects. This course speaks to all three concerns from a political economy perspective. To this end, we will journey to sites of extreme dislocation to examine the toll that current economic arrangements can take on the lives of workers on the lowest rungs of global value chains, the damage they can inflict on our planet, and the ways in which they can disfigure politics and undermine democracy. We will engage with social scientists, journalists, activists, and filmmakers in an effort to explore what, if anything, can be done to tame or retool the political-economic conditions that have produced so many of the crises we face today.

See sample syllabus here.

Remote or Residential

✓ Residential Course


Course Considerations

Writing Intensive
Reading Intensive
Discussion Intensive

Course Overview

Current Grade / Education Level

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade



Start Date

June 12

End Date

June 29

Class Details

Primary Instructor

Fahad Sajid

Academic Interest

Examining Culture and Society
Law and Politics
Social Sciences (e.g., history, sociology)

Class Specifics

Course Code

PLSC 10301 94

Class Day(s)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

Class Duration (CST)


3:00 P.M.


Session I

Course Length

3 weeks

HS Orientation Date

June 10
June 11