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How to Apply

We are excited for you to start your application to the University of Chicago Summer Session! Please review the deadline information, application checklist, instructions, and how to confirm your enrollment on this page before you begin your application


The deadline to submit your 2021 application has now passed! We hope you will join us next summer - our 2022 application opens in December!

Please see the following chart for application dates and deadlines for Immersion, Pre-College Summer Language Institute, and Summer College:

Pre-College (High School) Programs with Multiple Deadlines

Round Application Fee Application Deadline Decision Released by
Priority $50 Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Early March
Regular $50 Wednesday, February 24, 2021 End of March 
Extended $50 Wednesday, March 31, 2021 End of April
Rolling     $50 After April 12 - May 15, 2021 Within three weeks of submission

Pre-College Programs with a Single Deadline

Program Application Fee Application Deadline Decision Released by
  • Emerging Rural Leaders II
  • Latin American Phoenix Scholars
  • Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars
  • Police & Fire Summer Scholars
  • UWC Global Academy
  • Woodson Summer Scholars
  • Summer Bridge
$0 March 1, 2021 Mid-April

Application Checklist

Please review the instructions below to start your application. You will need to prepare materials to upload as part of the application and also consider which programs or courses you would like to be considered for. Your online application is considered complete when the following materials have been received:

Application Section Pre-College Visiting Undergraduates
Personal Profile All programs All programs
Program & Course Selection All programs All programs
Education History & Transcript All programs All programs
Supplement & Writing Sample All programs Not required
Financial Aid Application Optional for those applying for need-based aid Not required
Letter of Recommendation All programs Required for SBSP
and Financial Math
Test Scores Required for international applicants
Optional for all other programs
Additional Academic Information Required for courses related to Computer Science, Creative Writing, Math, and Physics
Parent Confirmation Response All programs Not required
Application Fee All programs except for Scholarship Programs All programs


The below instructions are for Pre-College students. Visiting Undergraduate students can learn more about applying here. Your online application is considered complete when the following materials have been received:

Personal Profile and Program & Course Selection

  • Personal Profile
  • Program and Course Selection based upon eligibility. You will be asked to indicate your current grade level. Based upon your current grade level, the application will provide you with programs you are eligible to apply for.
    • You may select up to three programs (with two different courses each) to be considered for.
    • Order matters! Your selections will be read in order of your program and course preferences. We will consider the first program you list to be your top choice, and the first course you list to be your preferred course in that program.
    • If you wish to be considered for any Scholarship Program (i.e. Emerging Rural Leaders II, Latin American Phoenix Scholars, Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars, UWC Global Academy, or Woodson Summer Scholars), you must select the program as your first-choice program
      • You will not be able to apply to any Scholarship Programs if you do not choose one of them as your first choice.
      • You may apply to other Summer Session programs or other Scholarship Programs. 
      • If you wish to be considered for admission to a non-Scholarship Program, but know that you will need financial aid, you must complete the Financial Aid Application.


Transcript for all years in high school. You must include a transcript for all classes taken in high school for grades 9, 10, and 11, as applicable. A 2020–2021 grade report for current courses is also required if they do not appear on your official transcript. Students currently in 9th grade should also submit their grade report from 8th grade

Test Scores

  • Test Scores, including the PSAT, PreACT, SAT, ACT, and any AP scores are optional, but encouraged if you have taken one of these tests.
    • International students are required to submit TOEFL, DET, or IELTS scores (see International Students page for details). A copy of the entire report should be provided, not just the final score. 

Financial Aid & Scholarship Program Application

  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Program Application with supporting materials (if applying for need-based aid).
    • If you need financial aid, you must apply using this form and upload financial documentation in support of your application. Financial aid cannot be awarded after an admissions decision is received.
    • If you are only applying for a Scholarship Program, then you do not need to separately apply for need-based financial aid.

Supplement Essays and Writing Sample

  • Supplement Essays
    • Students applying to Immersion, Pre-College Summer Language Institute, and Summer College will be asked to respond to these two essays:
      • Why did you choose the particular program/courses for which you have applied? How are they related to your current interests and future plans? Please be as specific as possible, and make sure your response covers each of the courses you elected. (Limit: 500 words) 
      • Describe your most rewarding academic project or academic experience. (Limit: 250 words).
    •  Students applying to the Scholarship Programs will have a different supplement essays to complete. Please refer to the program pages for the scholarship program you are applying to for more information.
  • Writing Sample
    • Students applying for any Pre-College program must submit a legible copy of one of their essays or research papers which is typed, written in English, and includes their teacher's grade and comments. Students may submit a marked handwritten paper if it is accompanied by a typed copy. 
    • Lab notes or math sets will not be accepted; the writing sample should be English expository prose.
    • Students who do not have a writing sample that meets these guidelines will need to write a paper and have their teacher review it.
    • Please note that Immersion's Creative Writing course applicants should also submit a piece of fiction, which does not need to be graded.

Additional Academic Information

Additional Academic Information is required for applications to programs or courses in Computer Science, Creative Writing, Math, Physics, and related fields of study. 

Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation from a teacher in a subject related to the course(s) for which you are applying. You can request up to 3 letters from teachers.

Parent Confirmation Emails

Parent Confirmation emails will be sent to the parent on file for all pre-college applicants. Your application is not considered complete until we receive the Parent Confirmation Email, and we will not review your application until we receive a response from your parent.

Confirming Enrollment with a Program Deposit

Admitted students must confirm attendance by submitting a $1,000 non-refundable program deposit within seven days of the release of their admissions decision. Students will not be registered for courses or programs until this initial deposit is received. Students admitted as part of any Scholarship Program will have the enrollment deposit automatically waived.

The full program fee will be due four weeks after high school students are accepted; students who fail to pay the program fee will forfeit their spot in their program. 

Please see the Application FAQs for more information on the application.