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Important Information for Parents and Families

The Summer Session allowed me to set a new and higher standard for my writing. The writing sessions with the TA, where we annotated and discussed each other's papers, allowed me to see things I had never considered about my writing. The higher standard of writing prepared me for my humanities & sociology courses at UChicago.
Luca G., Neubauer Summer Scholars Student 2017  -

We are excited to welcome your high school student to our community this summer! We recommend you visit the Admitted Student page as we have detailed all of the information students need to complete prior to their arrival on campus. Most forms and information will be collected or requested via the student’s UChicago Account. In the following sections, we have condensed some of the information related to completing enrollment for your student and what to expect in the weeks (or months) before the start of class. 

If your student has been admitted to one of our Residential Programs, please review the information we have shared on our Pre-College Students Admitted to Residential Programs page.

If your student has been admitted to one of our Remote Programs, please review the information shared on our Pre-College Students Admitted to Remote Programs page.

If your student has been admitted to one of our Enrichment Programs, please review the information we have shared on our Pre-College Students Admitted to Enrichment Programs page.

Enrollment Forms


In order to complete enrollment, students have several different forms they need to ensure are completed prior to arrival. Only students have access to their student forms on their UChicago Status page.

The Parental Permission and Release form is not on your student’s account. Instead, Parents or guardians will be emailed Parental Permission and Release form. This form must be submitted by the parent to confirm your student’s enrollment.



Every email Summer Session sends to students includes a copy to the parent/guardian email address that your student indicated on the application. Depending on the security settings of your email account(s), sometimes our emails will be routed to junk or spam; please check those folders and change your settings if you aren’t receiving emails from us. Please email if you would like to add a different email account.

We will be in regular touch with you and your student from the delivery of the admissions letter all the way to the start of class! We will share information related to Orientation, how to order books, and what to pack if you are joining us on campus. Please make sure your student stays on top of email!

Pre-College Orientation


All students are required to attend Orientation. 

Residential students will also have a mandatory in-person orientation before class.  A virtual orientation for parents and families will also be made available. Emails will be forthcoming with information relating to Pre-College Family Online Orientation.

Remotes students will have a mandatory virtual orientation in the weeks leading to their course.

Billings, Withdrawals, & Refunds


We understand that plans change and circumstances may require a student to withdraw from a class. Please make sure you and your student are aware of the deadlines for withdrawals and refunds here.

Buying Books

If your student is in a multiweek course, your student may need to be able to pay for their textbooks and course materials, so make sure that you budget for that expense. Faculty members have their choice of two campus bookstores, the U of C Bookstore and the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, through which to order books. Your student can see if the course requires a textbook by searching the Bookstore’s and Seminary Co-op website. Many courses have readings that are available for free entirely online. Residential students are not expected to have their books before they arrive, unless their course instructor reaches out  via email to tell them otherwise.