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Residential Programs

Congratulations on your admittance to UChicago’s Summer Session programs! We are looking forward to having you on our campus this summer. As an admitted Summer Session student, you will have access to various services and resources at UChicago that we would like to make you aware of prior to Summer Session beginning. Additionally, we are providing you here pertinent information that includes a checklist of items you must complete before Summer Session begins, a note concerning the mandatory orientation day for admitted Summer Session students, and additional information that addresses UChicago residence life, course and billing information, and campus life and safety. 

    Becoming a UChicago Student: A Checklist

    To secure space in UChicago Summer Session, students and their families need to complete all the items on the checklist below. All items are accessible through the Status Page located at

    • Submit your Reply to Offer of Admission form.
    • Pay the non-refundable $1,000 enrollment deposit within a week of receiving your acceptance letter.
    • Students enrolled in Immersion, RIBS, or Stones & Bones must pay the remaining balance on the program fee within four weeks of receiving your offer of admission.
    • Claim your CNET ID and password at using the UCID listed on your status page. Your CNET ID will be your email address while you are on campus. You must create your CNET ID before you arrive so that you can upload a current photo for your UChicago Card and also for international students to secure an F-1 visa.

    Complete and submit the required forms via your UChicago Account:

    • Health and medical information
    • Emergency contact information
    • Travel information
    • Parental Release Form (to be completed by parent or guardian ONLY)
    • Academic, Social, and Residential Policies Acknowledgment
    • Student Waiver of FERPA Rights
    • If you have a 504 plan or IEP at your current school, or otherwise believe that you might need accommodations such as extra time for tests or a dorm room close to an elevator, contact Student Disability Services as soon as possible at or at (773) 702-6000. The review process can take a while, so don’t delay your request if you think you might need it.

    Orientation & Campus Arrival

    Check-in will take place in Woodlawn Residential Commons at 1156 East 61st Street on the University’s Hyde Park campus. Please arrive between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to check into the residence hall. Students who arrive before 10:00 a.m. will keep their belongings with them until they can check into their room after 10am.

    Orientation will take place on your arrival day, and attendance is mandatory.

    Orientation provides information for students to become acquainted with and ask questions about life at UChicago. On arrival day, all students will check in at the residence hall and receive their program materials, attend an orientation session, and connect with their residential House through a campus tour, dinner and an all-House meeting.  All students must attend Summer Session Orientation for their session; if you have an unavoidable conflict, and you know in advance that you will not be able to attend, you must contact the Summer Session Office well in advance at

    Parents should plan to depart campus before orientation on arrival day. Residential students will have their first meal in the dining hall at dinner on arrival day. Commuter students are required to attend your Orientation check-in and Orientation Session on arrival day. All events after 6pm on arrival day optional for commuter students. 


    Arrival Day:

    Check-in: Saturday, June 11 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Orientation Session: Saturday, June 11

    Campus Logistics Day:

    Campus tours, bookstore visits, and more throughout the day on Sunday, June 12. 


    Arrival Day:

    Check-in: Sunday, July 3 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Orientation Session: Sunday, July 3

    Campus Logistics Day:

    Campus tours, 4th of July activities, and more throughout the day on Monday, July 4.


    Students flying into O’Hare International Airport have the option to transport back to campus with other UChicago Summer Session students. A staff member will meet them at the airport, and lead them to our shuttle service. An additional fee is associated with this service.

    Students flying into Midway International Airport must arrange for their own transportation to and from campus. Students can us ride sharing apps, public transportation, or shuttles. The address you should use to navigate to campus is 1156 East 61st Street, Chicago, IL 60637.

    Packing List

    Chicago weather in the summer can fluctuate, but you should, when packing clothes, make sure you’re prepared for the possibility of high heat (as high as 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity. 

    Student rooms are provided with linens, and students can exchange for clean linen packs one day each week. However, students who prefer more than one pillow, a heavier weight blanket (air-conditioned buildings can be chilly at night) or a larger towel will want to pack accordingly. Woodlawn Commons has pay-per-use laundry facilities, and Summer Session will provide basic laundry detergent, but you will need to provide your own fabric softener, dryer sheets and clothes hangers.

    We recommend that you pack the following items to make your stay in Woodlawn Commons more comfortable:
    •    Light clothing
    •    Extra blanket or comforter*
    •    Warm layer in case of cooler weather
    •    Twin XL sheets*
    •    Umbrella or rain jacket
    •    Towels* 
    •    Walking shoes
    •    Laptop**
    •    Swimsuit
    •    Cell phone** 
    •    Camera
    •    Sunscreen
    •    Notebooks
    •    Toiletries
    •    Folders
    •    Clothes hangers
    •    Pens and pencils
    •    Photo ID
    •    Personal spending money

    *The residence hall’s linen service provides a pillow with pillowcase, summer-weight blanket, sheets, and a towel, but students are welcome to bring their own preferred linens.  All beds are extra-long twin beds (36” x 80”).

    **Computing facilities (including pay-per-use printers) are available on campus, but you may bring your own if you wish. WiFi is available in all campus buildings. 


    Residential student should not carry large amounts of cash. Traveler’s checks or an ATM card (there is a CitiBank branch with ATMs on campus, and other ATMs are available throughout the neighborhood) are safer alternatives. Some banks will provide customers with prepaid debit cards (you choose how much money can be loaded on to it), and some parents have found this option works well. However, you should be aware that students cannot use these cards to get cash (either from an ATM or as “cash back” during a transaction), as they are for purchases only.

    Parents often ask us how much pocket money they should give to their student. This varies according to the needs and habits of the individual, so it is difficult to say. Meals taken in the dining hall will be paid for, and the residential staff always plans many low-cost and no-cost activities, but students do go on outings to restaurants, movies, plays, and other destinations, both informally and with their RA groups, so you will want to provide some money for these sorts of activities.

    Curfew Release Form

    All pre-college students on campus will check-in nightly with their residential staff members. This required nightly curfew sign-in period, which is reviewed with students during Orientation, is another opportunity for students and staff to connect through occasional study break snacks, games and activities. Although we do not conduct bed checks or enforce a “lights out” in the residence halls after curfew, quiet hours after 10pm ensure that all can study and sleep.  There are no exceptions to the nightly curfew policy, unless parents or family request to bring their students home (or elsewhere off campus) on a specific evening, and have submitted a Parental Curfew Release Form more than 24 hours before the student departs from campus.

    Parents must complete a Parental Curfew Release Form if:

    • They authorize an adult (including themselves) who is not a Summer Session participant, to accompany their student outside the dormitory after curfew hours, or
    • They authorize an adult (including themselves) who is not a Summer Session participant to accompany their student off-campus overnight and/or for a weekend.

    This online form is to be completed by the parent or guardian for every date the student will be outside the residence hall during designated curfew hours: after 10:00 PM and before 6:00 AM daily. This form must be received at least 24 hours prior to the release date. Please allow 24 hours for a staff member to acknowledge approval of your request. Students without approved Curfew Release Forms on file and who are not present for curfew sign-in will be considered in violation of the curfew policy and disciplined accordingly.

    The form should be used if the student will be continuously out of the residence hall during curfew hours: for example, a late dinner one night or staying with family off-campus overnight or for the weekend. Curfew Release Forms are not necessary for students who will only be off-campus before curfew hours, although students must inform the residential staff if they plan to leave campus. Blanket releases that would allow students to come and go throughout the program without regard to curfew will be rejected.

    Checking Out

    All residential students must check out of the residence hall by 9:00 AM on the day after their classes end. Students who wish to leave on the evening of the day that their courses end may do so. If you intend to check out early, please let your RA know, and make sure your parents submit a Curfew Release Form.

    Student Health Insurance

    The University of Chicago will be providing “blanket” accident, injury and sickness insurance coverage for Summer Session students. Students will be automatically covered by this blanket accident, injury and sickness insurance. This coverage will be in addition to any primary health insurance they may already have. 

    Please see more information on health insurance coverage on the student insurance website. The cost of this coverage will be included as part of the program fee.