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All multiweek courses open to high school students are graded (A-F) and carry 100 units of credit, and have undergraduate-level course numbers. It’s important to note that, as opposed to many universities that structure their calendars by semesters, the University of Chicago operates on a quarter system. Each University of Chicago 100-unit course is the equivalent of 3.3 semester credit hours.

Students interested in the possible transfer of any University of Chicago credit earned while taking Summer Session courses will have to contact that institution directly. Transferability of credit to another institution is at the discretion of that institution. Please note that a student’s grades will not be sent to a university or any other institution unless a student has requested a transcript. Transcripts for Summer Session courses are available through a student's myUChicago account beginning in late August.


Students are in class for the majority of the day. A lot of material is covered every day, as each course covers the same amount of material usually taught over a nine-week quarter. Attendance in class is required. Students who must miss class due to illness or an emergency situation should notify their instructor as soon as possible. 

When students are not in class, you will have homework to do, but you will also have the opportunity to socialize with your fellow students and attend special activities planned by the residential staff. Please see more information on our Student Life page.


You can see if your course requires a textbook by searching the Bookstore’s and Seminary Co-op website. Many courses have readings that are available entirely online via a UChicago website that you can log into using your cNet ID and password. Residential students are not expected to have your books before you arrive, unless your course instructor reaches out to you via email to tell you otherwise. 


International students who will be studying in person at the University of Chicago will need an F-1 student visa. Please begin getting a visa as soon as you receive information from our office on how to do so. Please see more information here on the international students page.

While remote instructors will try to be flexible, it is tough to find a time for everyone, so we ask for flexibility with your schedules. This may mean staying up late or waking up early to attend synchronous sessions.