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Summer Session Tuition Benefit Program

The Summer Session office at the University of Chicago sponsors the Summer Session Tuition Benefit Program (the “Summer Session Benefit”). Under the Summer Session Benefit Program, dependent children of University full-time benefits-eligible faculty, other academic appointees, and staff who are admitted to select Summer Session programs operated by the College will receive 25% off tuition costs for up to two Summer Session courses.

Depending on the requirements of the particular Summer Session program, interested students must apply to or register for their desired, eligible program(s) and request the Summer Session Benefit. If the student is admitted, the 25% reduction is then applied to the tuition charged for the eligible program(s). This benefit is intended for staff and faculty dependents; if staff or faculty members would like to take a course over the summer, please visit

Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for Summer Session Benefit Program:

The Benefits Office will confirm that staff and faculty are the eligible for the tuition benefit by the start of the summer.

  • Applicants must be a dependent of a University of Chicago full-time benefits-eligible faculty, other academic appointee, or staff member at time of application. 
  • Applicants must submit the Summer Session Benefit request form, including evidence of dependent status as specified in the form. 

For more information about the Summer Session Benefit Program, or for help determining if you are eligible for this benefit, please consult the University of Chicago Educational Assistance Plan, available here or contact Benefits at For additional information about programs or how to apply for the Tuition Benefit, contact Summer Session at or call 773-702-2149.

Requesting the Summer Session Benefit

  • Current UChicago College Students

    • Current UChicago College students may simply enroll in Summer Language InstituteSummer Quarter, or September Term courses through My.UChicago beginning in early March.

    Visiting Students 

    • Current undergraduates from colleges or universities other than UChicago must submit an application to be eligible for the Summer Benefit Program. Learn how to apply here.

    Pre-College Students

    • Pre-College students must first submit an application to be eligible for the Summer Benefit Program. Learn how to apply here.

Pricing Examples

The pricing examples below show the estimated cost for a student participating in Summer 2024 courses with the 25% Summer Session Benefit applied. The Summer Session Benefit cannot be combined with other Summer Session-funded need-based financial aid for visiting undergraduates or pre-college students. For pre-college residential programs, the benefit is not applied to housing, dining, or other fees.

**These prices below do not include the additional costs of application fees, or the mandatory Student Life Fee for some enrolled students. The program fees for residential programs include tuition, housing, dining, and fees. The reduced amount reflects a tuition reduction only; no reduction is available for housing, dining, or other fees.

Pre-College Programs


  • Regular program fee: $8,600
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $7,400

Pre-College Connect

  • Regular program fee: $6,350
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $5,150

Pre-College Summer Language Institute

  • Regular program fee: $7,960
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $5,970

Research in the Biological Sciences

  • Regular program fee: $14,000
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $11,605

Stones and Bones

  • Regular program fee: $14,000
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $11,605

Summer Online

  • Regular program fee: $4,790
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $3,590

Summer College

  • Regular program fee: $4,635
  • Program fee with Session Benefit: $3,475

Undergraduate Programs

    Summer Quarter courses/September Term

    • Regular tuition: $4,635
    • Tuition with Session Benefit: $3,475

    Summer Language Institute (300 credit courses)

    • Regular tuition: $7,960
    • Tuition with Session Benefit: $5,970

    *Final costs will be posted in February 2024. 

    Instructions for Request form

    To apply for the Summer Session Benefit, go to the Request Form.

    To complete the Request form, you must upload two PDFs of information from the Parent/Guardian’s Workday profile.

    • Proof of dependent status
    • Job details

    Dependents Page

    Step 1: Go to Workday:, then click on the “Benefits” widget from your home page.

    Step 2: Under the “Change” menu, select “Dependents”

    If you have any dependents, they will be listed on the Dependents page.  To save the Dependents page, click on the printer icon on the far right corner of the blue bar at the top of the screen.

    This will trigger a popup box that says “Click to download.”  When you click there, it will create a PDF in your downloads, which you can save to your computer, then upload to the Request Form.

    Job Details Page

    Step 1: To print a confirmation of your job, click on the Cloud widget at the top right of the main Workday screen:

    Step 2: Click on your View Profile at the top of the menu that drops down from the Cloud.

    Step 3: Click on “Job” from the menu in the blue bar on the left side of the screen.

    Step 4: Once on the Job Details page, Print to PDF and save.

    Alternate method: To print Job Details to PDF, you may also click the printer icon in the top right-hand corner of the blue box, just above where your name appears.  Then in the Print box, click Clear All, then just select Job Detail

    ***Please do not send any confidential information on your compensation, salary, or other details***

    Dependent Child Definition and Alternate Documentation

    The definition of Dependent Children in our Educational Assistance Plan document, available here, is as follows: “Dependent Children includes unmarried natural, step- or adopted children, children of your Domestic Partner, and children for whom you are legal guardian."  The children are covered to age 25.  The children are covered if you are eligible to claim them as dependents on your income taxes.

    If your Dependent Child is not listed as a Dependent in Workday, alternate options for Proof of Relationship may be uploaded in place of this page:

    • Birth certificate
    • Documentation of adoption, or other appropriate legal documents
    • Page one of your most recent federal or state tax return, which must show the child(ren) claimed as a dependent (please redact/cross out wage and social security number information)