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While everything I learned was amazing, it was the people I learned it with and was taught by that made this a truly phenomenal and unforgettable experience...These last three weeks have been some of the best in my life and I would recommend this program to anybody who is looking for an unforgettable summer!
Sophia T, James W Robinson, Jr. Secondary School, Fairfax, VA -


UChicago has a distinctive intellectual culture bound to the exploration of ideas and rigorous inquiry in the hopes of discovery and expansion of knowledge. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience getting to know our faculty and meeting students from around the world. Dive in together to explore ideas, challenge assumptions, and discover new knowledge.

During Summer Session, you will be part of our amazing community during your time on campus or online. Orientation kicks off with a myriad of activities to connect you with other students, online Community Mentors, and residential staff. These conversations expand as you attend classes, and your newest friends will help you explore the farthest corners of campus or the deepest reaches of the intellectual universe! Whether you join us online or on campus, you’ll find an incredible, dynamic group of peers and an engaged and supportive community to enrich your UChicago summer experience.

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Residential and Campus Life

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