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Student Life

Your social life throughout Summer Session will be full of intersections. First, you'll start by meeting and getting to know fellow classmates over icebreakers and mutual interests on your first day. These connections and conversations you'll be able to take with you while you explore the farthest corners of campus between class, or go out for a cup of coffee or a post-class snack to cap off the day. Please see more information on Housing and Student Life on our Frequently Asked Questions page.Students on Harper Quad

Residential Staff

Our outstanding residential staff helps to ensure that students get the most out of their Summer Session experience on campus. The Residential Director and Assistant Residential directors are accessible to students 24 hours a day. Residential Assistants--undergraduates in the College and recent alumni--live in the Houses with the students and provide guidance and mentorship as students adjust to college life. The front desk of the residence hall is also staffed at all hours. Our residential staff members are here to help students build connections with each other and to ensure easy access to campus resources and services.

“While everything I learned was amazing, it was the people I learned it with and was taught by that made this a truly phenomenal and unforgettable experience...These last three weeks have been some of the best in my life and I would recommend this program to anybody who is looking for an unforgettable summer! ”

Sophia T, James W Robinson, Jr. Secondary School, Fairfax, VA


The residential staff coordinates daily activities for students to connect with each other, the campus, Hyde Park, and city of Chicago. Students can pick and choose from a variety of programs suiting a wide range of interests. Many of these programs are accessible at little to no cost. Previous events include trips to Major League Baseball games, the Taste of Chicago food festival, "midnight" soccer, museum outings, beach trips, Movies on the Midway, and much more.

Students are also welcome to explore the city on their own. During Orientation, students learn about Chicago's public transit system and how to navigate a big city safely.

“My favorite memory of my summer experience at UChicago was staying up late playing board games with my house. I loved using my brain in a competitive way while playing everything from Cranium to Egyptian rat slap. It was at this moment that I truly knew that UChicago was for me.”

Emily W., 2nd year in the College

Campus North

All Summer Session students will reside in Campus North Residential Commons, in a shared room with one other student. Shared rooms include a desk, dresser, closet space, a bed, blanket and pillow, and linens (sheets and towels) that may be exchanged once each week. Campus North, opened in 2016, features two residential courtyards, two centrally located common rooms for programs and events, multiple lounges, recreation rooms, vending and ice machines, 24-hour front desk service, and shopping and restaurants on its ground level. 

Housing instructions, policies, and move-in dates are sent to families after a student is admitted to a program. 

“I really enjoyed eating in the dining hall! The variety was more than I get at home. They had everything from sandwiches to pasta to burgers, plus they always had great sides like yogurt and fruit. The staff was always really nice and helpful when I asked for something.”

Isabella T, Dyer County High School, Newbern, TN


Located near the library, residence hall, and the main quad, the Residential Dining Commons provides a central hub during Summer Session. Students congregate in the Dining Hall to refuel before and after class, connect with new friends, and engage in discussion, be it about an interesting course topic or an impending trip to downtown Chicago. The Dining Hall offers a wide range of meal options--including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options--served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For more information, please see the Student Life and Housing FAQs