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For everyone’s health and safety, Summer Session will not host students on campus for residential programs this summer. Many of our courses will be taught remotely online so that you can still explore your intellectual interests, gain insight into college life, and be a part of our distinctive learning community. We hope you will join us online this summer! Our Summer Session team is here to help via email at


Online Community

During Summer Session, you will make strong connections as part of an amazing online community. Please see more information on Student Life on our Frequently Asked Questions page.Students on Harper Quad

Community Mentors  

Community Mentors are current or recently-graduated UChicago students who provide an additional level of support and guidance to Summer Session students.  Community Mentors share resources to help students navigate their classes, connect with other Summer Session students, and learn more about the UChicago campus, culture and experience. 

Community Mentors have a variety of backgrounds, interests and areas of study.  Each Community Mentor is ready to share resources with students to ensure that UChicago Summer Session provides the best academic and social experience possible.  While students may be assigned to a specific Community Mentor, they may be connected with additional staff members to tailor the support to the student’s specific needs.  

While some of the Community Mentors live in Chicago year-round, we will have staff members living all around the world in Summer 2020.  Because the Community Mentors will live in various time zones, we will be able to support students regardless of when their class day begins and ends. 

Community Mentors provide support to Summer Session students outside of class hours, usually in the afternoons and early evenings. Group activities will usually be pre-scheduled, and meetings with individual students will be scheduled based on the Mentor and student’s availability.  To role model healthy sleep and self-care, Community Mentors will refrain from late-night virtual activities, and will not be available 24/7 for student contact.

Part of building online community is addressing any potential conflicts or problems.  The Community Mentor staff will follow up on any report of concerning or inappropriate online interactions during the program. 

“While everything I learned was amazing, it was the people I learned it with and was taught by that made this a truly phenomenal and unforgettable experience...These last three weeks have been some of the best in my life and I would recommend this program to anybody who is looking for an unforgettable summer! ”

Sophia T, James W Robinson, Jr. Secondary School, Fairfax, VA


The Community Mentor staff plans and leads a variety of activities for students to get to know each other, the campus and the city of Chicago. Students will attend pre-scheduled virtual events to suit a wide range of interests.  Events may include virtual campus and city tours, museum and other cultural center tours, trivia and other contests, and much more. All events are planned and led by the Community Mentor staff, and many events can be tailored to the needs or requests of Summer Session students.
Community Mentors will also provide many educational activities for Summer Session students.  As current or recent UChicago students, they will share their personal insights and experiences with the Summer Session community, providing multiple examples of a “Day in the Life”at UChicago.  Virtual programs and events will include academic resources (study skills, time management, connecting with faculty), campus resources (virtual tours, choosing a future major) and social events including video community meetings, contests, games and other fun activities.