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Online Community

During Summer Session, students enrolled in Pre-College Summer Language Institute, Summer College, and Summer Online, will make strong connections as part of an amazing online community. Please see more information on Student Life on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


I like finding creative ways to connect virtually – leading a game night online has been a highlight!
Eliana M., Community Mentor -

Each of the courses offered in our Summer Session will be the beginning of a new intellectual adventure. Our faculty, staff, and student mentors cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to weeks of discovery, exploration, and engagement. Courses taught are so much more than a lecture each day. Our remotely taught online courses have a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous activities. Synchronous activities will feel much like the traditional classroom activities you are accustomed to, such as lectures, discussions, and collaborative projects, with the difference being that you will engage with your instructor(s) and fellow students online, via Zoom.

While synchronous activities are completed together as a class, asynchronous activities will involve things you might have done as homework, such as problem sets, taking notes on readings, writing papers, and group projects. They will also include activities that take advantage of online course delivery, such as contributing thoughts or ideas to discussion boards or class blogs, making videos, curating virtual exhibits, or performing simulated experiments on virtual subjects or materials. 

Whatever it is you do from day to day, your instructor and TA will work to ensure that you remain engaged with the subject matter and with each other throughout the course.

For the five-week duration of Summer Online, students should expect to be engaged in class or with coursework for 3-4 hours per day. Synchronous activities will be scheduled Monday through Friday for about 2 hours per day.

The people that you meet here are unlike those at any other place, and you connect with them on an intellectual level that is hard to find elsewhere.
Nyah D., Community Mentor -


Community starts at UChicago by sharing your voice and a common love of learning!  Outside of class time, Summer Session students are assigned to a virtual House community. Our House communities integrate staff – Community Mentors – and a cadre of students from around the world so that you get to know peers beyond your classmates. Our Community Mentors are current UChicago students who are excited to share their experiences and passions with you! They plan and lead daily activities for students to get to know each other, the campus and the city of Chicago. Students can pick and choose from a variety of pre-scheduled virtual events to suit a wide range of interests.  Events may include virtual campus and city tours, museum outings, cooking classes, trivia and other contests, and much more. Most events are planned and led by the Community Mentor staff, tailored to students' interests, and students can also create and implement their own ideas for activities with staff assistance.

Admissions Academy

And what better time to start thinking about your college search than while you are getting to know our students, staff, and faculty? Join our Admissions Academy sessions to learn more about the highly selective admissions process, including getting tips on essay writing and reviewing applications together with one of our admissions counselors. We’re here to make sure you make the most out of your summer with us.

We can’t wait to meet you and share UChicago with you for a summer unlike any other! Start an application today