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Visiting Undergraduates FAQs

If you still have questions after consulting this website and reviewing the information you receive with your registration confirmation, please contact the Summer Session Office at

Academic Questions

Are courses for credit?
Every Summer Session course, regardless of length, carries the equivalent credit of one full-length (quarter-long) course in the College at the University of Chicago, 100 units of credit. The University is on the quarter, rather than the semester, system; each course offered at the University during Summer Session is the equivalent of 5 quarter hours or 3.3 semester hours. University of Chicago credit is granted.
What happens if the course(s) I want to take are full?
If the course(s) for which you register are full, you will be contacted by our office and asked if you would like to register for an alternative course. If you do not want to enroll in a different course, your tuition deposit will be refunded. The best way to avoid being shut out of a course is to register as early as possible.
What happens if the course(s) I want to take are canceled?
Sometimes, either because the instructor can no longer teach the class or because an insufficient number of students have enrolled for a class, a course is canceled. If you register for a course that has been canceled, you will be contacted by our office and asked if you would like to register for an alternative course or program. If you have already registered for a course that is subsequently canceled, you will be notified by our office, and, if you do not wish to take another course in its place, your tuition deposit will be returned to you. Decisions of whether or not to cancel a course are made two weeks prior to the start of the course.
Can I change my registration (add or drop courses)?

If you are a Visiting Student, you must email your name, student ID number, and relevant course numbers and titles to in order to change your course enrollment. Please do not submit another registration online. Ceasing to attend one course and starting to attend another without notifying the Summer Session Office will not update your registration and can lead to problems with your grades being submitted, so make sure you contact the Summer Session Office at before adding or dropping courses.

Because Summer Session courses are very brief and intensive, we strongly encourage students to consider their choices very carefully before they register. Bear in mind that after the first few days of a three-week course or the first week of a five or six-week course, you will have a very difficult time making up the material you will have missed in the course you are adding.

Instructor approval is required to add a course that has already met, even once.

Can I take an incomplete in a course?
The mark I (Incomplete) is intended for a student who has not completed the requirements of a course before the end of the quarter but who has (1) made satisfactory arrangements with the instructor to complete the remaining work, (2) completed the majority of the requirements of the course with work that is of a passing quality, and (3) participated actively in the course. The student is also responsible for completing and submitting an official Incomplete Form, which must be obtained from the Summer Session Office. The student must submit the request for an Incomplete to the instructor before the end of the course. Approval to complete work late is at the discretion of the instructor and/or according to departmental policy. Incompletes must be finished within a period of time agreed upon between student and instructor or within one year, whichever is shorter. When the work is completed, the grade for the course is entered on the transcript following the “I”, which remains on the academic record. If the course work has not been completed within the specified time period and an extension has not been granted, the student will receive a “W” unless a grade is indicated on the Incomplete Form.
What if I need to withdraw from the program entirely?
Visiting Students who wish to withdraw completely from the program must inform the Summer Session Office immediately. Please email your name, student ID number, and the reason you need to completely withdraw from the Summer Session to The date the email is sent will be considered the withdrawal date. Tuition refunds decrease with the lateness of the withdrawal date. Housing and dining charges cannot be refunded or pro-rated after June 1. Other fees (such as the Student Life Fee) and the tuition deposit are not refunded to students who choose to withdraw.
How many courses may I enroll in?
While there is no limit to the number of courses you may enroll in, please keep in mind that each course is the equivalent of a course that normally meets for 10 weeks during the regular academic year. University of Chicago undergraduates must have special permission to enroll in more than four courses during any academic quarter, including summer.
Where do I go for my class?
Classroom assignments can be found in the course information on your myUChicago account. See the campus map to locate the building in which your course will take place. If you are living in the dorm, your RA can help you locate your class. If you have a question about classroom assignments (e.g., your course does not seem to have a room assigned to it, when other room assignments seem to have already been made), you should contact the Registrar's Office at 773.702.7883.
Can I get my books before classes start?
You will find links to the two campus bookstores, with your course's textbook information, through myUChicago. From myUChicago select “Academics” → “University Systems” → “Class Search”. This allows you to budget for your books and to procure them ahead of time if you wish. Unless you are contacted by the instructor via email prior to your arrival on campus, you are not expected to have your books and other course materials before you get to campus. When you arrive, you can go to the U of C Bookstore or the Seminary Co-op Bookstore to buy your books.
Are there classes on July 4?
If July 4th falls on a weekday, classes will not be held and University administrative offices will also be closed. You should note, however, that the University will not be closed on any other days surrounding July 4. You should expect to be in class on these days unless your instructor tells you otherwise.
When do I get my grades?
Student grades are made available by the Office of the University Registrar in mid-September, regardless of when your courses took place during Summer Session. Students receive their grades online via their myUChicago account, so be sure to retain your CNET ID and password after you leave campus. The University of Chicago does not mail paper grade reports. Students who are "restricted" will not have access to their grades, either online or via transcripts. The most common reasons for restriction are a delinquent account at the University Bursar's Office, overdue library materials, or failure to comply with immunization requirements. Students whose grades do not appear on their myUChicago account should call the Registrar's Office at 773.702.7902. The Summer Session Office does not process student grades and cannot issue grade reports or transcripts; you must access your grades through myUChicago. Grade reports will not be sent to your home institution; you must request a transcript.
How do I request a transcript?
A lifetime transcript fee is included in the Student Life fee which allows you to request as many transcripts as you like over an indefinite period of time. Transcripts can be requested through your myUChicago account. Since grades are not due until late August please wait until mid-September to request your transcript. For more information on requesting transcripts, please see the Registrar's Office website. The Summer Session Office cannot issue transcripts; only the Registrar's Office can act in this capacity.
How do I transfer credit for Summer Session courses to another university?
You must make your own arrangements with other institutions about the possible transfer of any University of Chicago credit earned while taking Summer Session courses; transferability of credit to another institution is at the discretion of that institution. Please note that your grades will not be sent to your university or any other institution unless you request a transcript. Transcripts for Summer Session courses are available through your myUChicago account beginning in mid-September.

Housing and Dining Questions

What is the dormitory like?

During Summer Session 2017, students will live in Campus North Residential Commons, a new residential complex which opened in 2016 and offers single and double rooms. Each floor is accessible by elevator and each floor has a community bathroom. Different sections of the living area, including the community bathrooms, will be segregated by gender.

All bedrooms rooms are fully furnished with an extra-long twin bed, desk and chair, dresser, book shelves, lighting, carpeting, window treatments and a single-line telephone. Amenities include: air conditioning, weekly linen exchange, multiple lounges and recreation rooms, computer labs, music practice rooms, laundry facilities, wireless internet service, vending and ice machines, and 24-hour front desk service.

Can I change my housing arrangements (add/drop weeks or withdraw)?
Once you send in your deposit and the form that confirms your participation as a residential Visiting Student, housing and dining (if applicable) arrangements will be made for you. These arrangements become final and binding on June 1. By submitting your confirmation as a residential Visiting Student, you indicate you are aware of, and agree to abide by, the policy regarding finalization of housing arrangements. Charges associated with housing and dining cannot be refunded or reduced after this date. If you change your housing and dining arrangements (e.g., reduce your number of weeks or withdraw from housing altogether) after June 1, no matter when your program starts, you will be held liable for all charges associated with your original arrangements. As of June 1, all housing and dining arrangements are considered final and binding and you will be liable for all associated charges whether you reside in the dorm or not. Housing may be added after June 1 if space permits. Housing and dining arrangements added after June 1 are considered final on the date that they are made, and you will be liable for all associated charges.
Can I request a specific roommate?
Yes. If you will be living in a double room and would like to request a specific roommate of the same gender, both you and that person must list each other as a requested roommate when requesting housing during your online registration.
When can I move in?
Visiting students and current University of Chicago students can check in to the dorm the day before their classes start, beginning Sunday, June 18.
I'm traveling a long distance to the University and will probably arrive outside of regular 9 am to 5 pm business hours. Will I still be able to check in?
Yes, the Front Desk at Campus North Residential Commons (5500 S. University Avenue) is staffed 24 hours a day and you can check in at any time after 9am on June 18 if you are a Session I student, and any time after 12 pm on July 09 if you are a Session II student.
How do I get to the dorm?
Driving directions to Campus North Residential Commons (5500 S University Avenue) can be found at Go Airport Express operates out of both Midway and O'Hare Airports, and will drop you off right in front of your dorm. To schedule a pick-up, go to or call 1-888-284-3826 (press option 1 to be connected to an operator immediately). When you get on the shuttle, let the driver know that you want to get dropped off at Campus North Residential Commons. Go Airport Express can also pick you up again when you leave for home, and your RA will help you and other students coordinate return shuttles to the airport.
When do I have to move out?
You must check out of the dorm by 9 am on the Saturday after your classes end. For example, if your last class is on Thursday, July 6, then you must check out of the dorm by 9 am on Saturday, July 8. All Summer Session students must be checked out of the dorm by 9 am on Saturday, August 26.
What is my room like?

Both single and double rooms are available, please select the type of room you would like when submitting your registration.

The rooms are well-lit with overhead lighting. Each student will have his/her own closet, extra-long twin bed (36” x 80”), dresser, chair, desk, shelf, and wastebasket. Students should bring their own clothes hangers, irons, laundry detergent, and other housekeeping basics. The rooms have windows that can be opened and are covered by window treatments. All University dorms have WiFi throughout the building.

Each student will be provided with a flat and fitted sheet, a coverlet and/or blanket, pillow, pillowcase, and towels. Linens may be exchanged every Friday morning from 7 am to 1 pm at the front desk of the dorm. You may also bring your own linens if you prefer, but personal linens are not eligible for the weekly linen exchange. You will be responsible for keeping your room (including bathroom facilities) clean during your stay, but please immediately report any problems such as a stopped drain to the front desk staff.

Is there a kitchen available?
There will be a kitchen area available for student use that has a stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Please be advised that it has limited storage capacity, and that you will be sharing this area with other students living in your building. If you intend to use the kitchen, we recommend that you store your cookware, dishes, utensils, dry goods, and other related items in your room. Many students procure small, “dorm room” refrigerators to keep in their rooms as well, so that they do not have to rely upon the communal refrigerator.
What should I bring with me to Chicago?

Chicago weather can vary greatly, even during the summer, and you should be prepared for the possibility of high heat (90–95 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity. Light clothing, some items to wear as a warmer layer in case of cooler weather, and an umbrella or rain jacket will stand you in good stead.

If you are living on-campus, you will have a linen service available, so you do not need to pack sheets; however, if you think you will want to have more than one pillow or more than a summer-weight blanket, you will want to pack accordingly. The dorms have card-operated laundry facilities linked to a smart phone app, but you will need to provide your own detergent, iron, and clothes hangers. You will not need a fan, as the dorm is air-conditioned. Computing facilities are also available in the dorm, as are phones, but you may bring your own computer, phone, and answering machine if you wish. Residents will have limited access to kitchen facilities, so you may bring a limited amount of cooking utensils, pots and pans, and other supplies; you should store your personal items in your room.

Do I need to bring linens with me?
The following linens are made available through the linen service, all fitted for extra-long twin beds (36" x 80"): coverlet and/or blanket, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow, pillowcase, bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth. You can have these exchanged for fresh linens at no cost once a week. Should you wish to bring your own linens or want the provided linens laundered more often, you will have to use the card-operated washers and dryers in the basement of the dorm. Detergent can be purchased on campus. If you require more than one pillow, would like to have something warmer than a summer-weight blanket, or prefer to have towels and sheets of a particular size, type, or quality, you will want to bring these items with you.
How do the phones work?

Many students bring their own cell phones with them; we recommend that you check with your provider before your student arrives on campus to make sure that your service will work in this area.

Each residence hall room comes equipped with a single-line telephone, which allows on-campus, local and incoming calls at no charge. Other free features include call waiting, abbreviated dialing, three-way calling, and redial.

How do I get my mail?

When you check in to the dorm, you will receive a room number. This will be part of your mailing address:

Your Name
Attn: Summer Conference-Summer Session
Campus North Residential Commons Room XX
5500 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Mail can be picked up at the front desk of Campus North Residential Commons (5500 S University Avenue) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The front desk will sign for all priority packages (24 hours/day). Students receiving packages will have a package slip in the expanding file at the front desk in the Graham School section. Please do not have mail sent to you until you receive your room number at check-in, especially if you will be attending a later session.

Should I bring my computer with me?
Many students find that they prefer to bring their own laptop, netbook, or tablet, so that they may have easy access any time of the day or night, wherever they might be. However, there are computer terminals and printing facilities available for student use throughout campus. The main campus computing clusters support both PC and Mac platforms. Each building in Campus North Residential Commons has a 24-hour computing lab equipped with Macs, PCs, and Internet access. All areas on campus are configured for wireless internet access. If you choose to bring your own computer, and it is not able to connect wirelessly, when you arrive on campus you will get the necessary information to configure your computer via ethernet cable from your room. Wireless or ethernet access also enables you to print from your room to the printer at the dormitory front desk. Black and white printing and copying costs 13 cents per page, funds can be loaded onto your campus ID card. Please visit for instructions, costs for other types of printing and other information. Having a jump drive (a USB key) is a good idea just in case the printing network falters. That way you can easily move your documents to other computers if necessary. For more information on campus computing, please visit the campus computing website.
Will I get an email address?
You will be given information about how to claim a "" email address in the confirmation email sent to you once your registration is complete. This will be active while you are at the University and for a short time after you leave. There are email stations and computers in the lab that you can use to check your mail. You will need your email address (also known as your CNet ID) and password in order to obtain your grades, update your addresses, etc. via myUChicago, the University's academic portal. Keep a record of this information after you leave the University of Chicago.
Can I have a friend, spouse, partner, or relative stay overnight in my dorm room?
No. Guests are welcome to visit; however, they cannot stay overnight in student rooms: no exceptions. Hosts are always responsible for the behavior of campus guests; visitors are expected to conform to the behavioral standards set for students at the University, as outlined in the policies section of this website.
How far is the dining facility from the dorm?
The dining facility is located in the Frank and Laura Baker Dining Commons.
What if I have a vegetarian diet, food allergies, or other special dietary needs?
The dining hall has vegetarian and vegan options at every meal. If you have food allergies or other special dietary needs (kosher, halal, etc.), please notify the Summer Session Office when requesting housing during online registration; we can accommodate your needs best if we know what they are in advance.
When is the dining facility open?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served cafeteria-style in the Frank and Laura Baker Dining Commons seven days a week. You may come in for meals at any time during serving hours. These are:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 –9 am (continental breakfast available until 9:30 am)
  • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm
  • Dinner: 5:15–7 pm
What if I miss a meal?
If you miss a meal, you will not get monetary credit or a make-up meal.

Financial Questions

When will I have to pay tuition, housing, fees, etc.?
The Bursar's Office will post the first round of Summer Session bills to students’ myUChicago accounts in early July; the full balance will be due to the Bursar's Office in mid-July. Bills will not be mailed. In most cases, this means you will not have been billed by the time classes begin and will not have paid the balance of your tuition, fees, and housing (if applicable). The Bursar's Office will post the due dates for Summer Quarter 2017 bills on their website.
How can I make sure my bill is sent to the right address?
Your registration confirmation will include information on setting up your myUChicago account. Among the many features myUChicago allows is providing a mailing address for billing, as well as dates the address is valid. The Bursar's Office will mail bills to the billing address provided in myUChicago. If there is no billing address specified, then the bill will be sent to the address you provided on your registration form. The Bursar's Office will not waive a late payment fee due to receiving the bill late, since you can view your account on myUChicago as well.
Are credit cards accepted? How can I pay my bill?

The Bursar's Office only accepts bank transfers, checks, or money orders drawn out of a U.S. bank account. You may also sign up for electronic billing via E-Bill or sign up to make a one-time electronic payment through their website.

International residents with bank accounts outside of the U.S. will have to create an account with PeerTransfer to make payments. PeerTransfer provides a variety of options, including credit cards and bank transfers.

These services are not administered by the Summer Session Office; please refer to the links provided for all information on these options.

A third party is paying my tuition, fees, etc. Can the bill be sent to them?
Yes; list the third party (including mailing address) as your billing address on myUChicago and the bill will be sent to them. They can also submit a direct, one-time payment from a U.S. bank through the Bursar’s website with your name and 6-digit UChicago ID number.
Do I have to pay the entire balance at once?
Yes, the entire balance due must be paid by the due date on the bill. Any unpaid balance will result in a $100 late fee charged by the Bursar's Office and will appear on the second and final summer bill posted in late July. The Summer Session Office cannot remove a late payment fee. Since balances are available for viewing on myUChicago, the Bursar's Office will not accept not receiving the bill as reason to waive a late payment fee.
Are payment plans available?
There are no payment plans available for Visiting Students.
Is financial aid available for Visiting Students?

No. Financial aid through the University of Chicago (work study, grants, scholarships, federal loans, etc.) is available to matriculating University of Chicago students only. Students matriculating at another college or university should contact the financial aid office at their home institution. Another option is to apply for a loan through your bank or another lender.

The Financial Aid Office will process an alternative loan for a Visiting Student who is between schools, but will certify the loan only for the amount of tuition and fees. Visiting Students needing to apply for a loan should go to and follow the directions and links provided. The Summer Session Office is not involved in the processing of loan applications at any level.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my bill?
All questions regarding your bill should be addressed to the Summer Session Office by sending an email to Make sure to include your name as it appears on your school record as well as your 8-digit UCID in the email.
Why was I charged for insurance? I am already insured and don't need insurance.
If a charge for insurance appears on your bill, this means you did not submit an insurance waiver online by the deadline. You will need to submit a waiver in person—generally the information on your insurance card is all that is needed. The on-campus insurance office is located in rooms 368 and 370 of the Woodlawn Social Services Center (950 E. 61st Street). Office hours are between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday; please call ahead at 773.834.4543, ext. 2 to confirm hours and what documentation is needed. The Summer Session Office cannot waive insurance charges. If you have not submitted an online insurance waiver by the deadline you will be enrolled in the University's insurance plan and charged an insurance fee based on the length of your courses. The only way to avoid this charge is to submit your waiver by the deadline. If you enroll later during the Summer Session or for some reason do not submit the waiver by the deadline, you will need to go to the insurance office to submit a waiver in person.
What is the Student Life Fee for?
The Student Life Fee supports various aspects of the student life experience: 1) health and wellness services; 2) student activities and co-curricular programs; and 3) special academic resources including laboratories, a lifetime transcript fee and libraries. The University levies this fee for all registered students; regardless of student status, number of courses enrolled in, length of courses enrolled in, credit or auditing, or whether the student lives on-campus or off-campus.
I want to add another course; do I have to pay another deposit?
No. The $500 nonrefundable tuition deposit is a one-time charge. If you have already submitted a registration form and deposit and want to change your enrollment in any way, send an email to Do not submit another online registration.
What happens to my tuition deposit?
The $500 tuition deposit will be applied toward the balance of your tuition charges, and will appear as a credit on your bill.

Getting to UChicago Questions

How do I get to the University of Chicago?
See the directions to determine how best to get to campus by plane, bus, train, or car. You can also print out maps of campus, Hyde Park, and the surrounding area. Driving instructions will be included in your registration confirmation email, and you can also follow the links above. Go Airport Express operates out of both Midway and O'Hare Airports, and will drop you off right in front of your dorm. To schedule a pick-up, go to or call 1-888-284-3826 (press option 1 to be connected to an operator immediately). When you get on the shuttle, let the driver know that you want to get dropped off at Campus North Residential Commons. Go Airport Express can also pick you up again when you leave for home, and your RA will help you and other students coordinate return shuttles to the airport.
Where do I park on campus?
Street parking is available on and nearby campus, although it is less plentiful on weekdays. For short-term parking, check the campus parking map to see what visitor parking locations would be most convenient for you. The University maintains a pay-by-the-hour garage at Ellis and 55th Street. Most lots are for staff and faculty only. The University does not have discounted parking for students.
Can I bring my car or motorcycle with me?
Summer Session students can bring personal vehicles to campus, but should be aware of the limited availability of parking on campus. There is a pay-per-use parking garage at 55th and Ellis, but there are no dedicated lots for student parking. Street parking is also available, though it fills quickly on weekdays.
Is there a Visiting Student Orientation?
Visiting Students do not have an official Orientation. Once your registration is complete, you will be sent an email with all the information needed to prepare you for your summer here. You will be given information on claiming your CNET ID, getting a "uchicago" email address, waiving insurance, submitting your immunization records, etc., so it is important to read the email carefully and save it for future reference. Please be sure to follow all directions carefully. Completed immunization records are to be sent to the Student Care Center, and insurance waivers are to be submitted to the insurance office online; please do not submit this information to the Summer Session Office, as this can lead to delays or errors in the processing of this important information. If you will not be living in the dorm, please be sure to provide the Summer Session Office with local contact information (your address and phone number where you are staying while taking classes at the University of Chicago), just in case we need to get in touch with you.

If you still have questions after consulting this website and reviewing the information you receive with your registration confirmation, please contact the Summer Session Office at

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