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Summer Session for
Undergraduate Courses

As a visiting student, you will enroll in undergraduate courses drawn from the regular curriculum of the College at the University of Chicago, participating alongside University College students and visiting undergraduates from other schools, with access to the same exceptional educational resources that are available to all students during the regular academic year. All of our summer classes are taught by distinguished professors and experienced lecturers, in smaller classes where you will be able to receive personal attention from your professors and get to know other students in your class well.

Explore course offerings available to visiting students in this year’s Summer Session Undergraduate Course Offerings.


Course Details

  • Browse this year's Summer Session Undergraduate Course Offerings.
  • Once you choose the course(s) for which you would like to apply, make a note of the department code and course number (ex. ANTH 21501) and begin the online application.
    • Make sure you don’t choose courses with conflicting schedules.
    • See individual course descriptions for prerequisites, if any.
  • Courses have different start and end dates, and can be three, four, or five weeks long. Read course listings carefully!
    • Session I:
      Begins June 19, 2017 (courses vary in length from 3-6 weeks)
    • Session II:
      July 10-28, 2017 (3 week courses only)
    • Session III:
      July 24–August 25, 2017 (5 week courses only)
    • Session IV:
      July 31–August 18, 2017 (3 week courses only)
  • Each summer course, regardless of length, is the equivalent of a full quarter-long (10 week) course and worth 5 quarter hours or 3 1/3 semester hours, and meets for at least 30 contact hours.
  • International students must be enrolled in at least two courses in order to meet student visa eligibility requirements.

Tuition & Fees


$3,875 per course

Student Life Fee

Double: $338 per week per person
Single: $413 per week per person

$249 per week per person (3 meals per day, 7 days per week)

Student Health Insurance
Dependent on length of study; $204 for 3 weeks to $612 for 9 weeks

* Estimate; final cost for 2017 to be determined.
** Students who cannot prove that they have adequate health care coverage in the U.S. must enroll in the University Student Health Insurance plan (USHIP), and will be billed accordingly.

International students must be enrolled in at least two courses to meet student visa eligibility requirements.

All housing and dining charges become final and binding as of June 1, 2017.


  • Eligibility: current student at another college or university, recent high school graduate, or adult student
  • Applications accepted beginning mid-November.
  • Rolling admissions: courses and housing can fill before the deadline, so apply early.
  • International students must submit all application materials before April 10, 2017 for Session I, and before April 24, 2017 for Session II.
  • US students who require on-campus housing must submit all application materials before May 1, 2017. Late applications from US students requiring housing will be accepted as space permits. US students who do not require on-campus housing may apply up to one week before their course begins.

You can also review the Register and FAQ pages for more information.

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