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College Pathway Programs

Classic UChicago

Learn what makes UChicago one of the most innovative and impactful universities in the world through the Pathway programs.

Each three-week program provides a broad overview of how scholars at the University of Chicago articulate problems and apply solutions in a particular field of study—Economics, Human Rights, Molecular Engineering, and Neuroscience. Participants delve into a variety of perspectives and topics through a series of lectures by faculty members and research associates. University of Chicago students act as Teaching Assistants, meeting regularly with participants to discuss what they have heard, read, and seen, and working with faculty to provide special opportunities for further learning, such as labs and off-campus trips. Participants have assignments to turn in and homework to complete, and receive a written evaluation and certificate of completion at the end of the program.

This program is ideal for high school students who want to explore different facets of a subject area, in order to learn more about the approaches and issues involved, and to determine what about it they want to study further.