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Summer Economics Program for High School Students

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The College Pathway Program in Economics delivers a three-week introduction to the way a rigorous discipline is approached at the University of Chicago.

The core of the summer economics program for high school students consists of a series of lectures delivered by full-time faculty members from the Department of Economics leading students from overviews of the field to explorations of cutting edge economic research and experimentation.

Click on the core lecture titles below for more information:

Microeconomics with Allen Sanderson

Microeconomics lectures treat (1) the behavior and decision making on the part of individuals, business firms, and governments; and (2) the function of costs, prices, incentives, and markets in the American economy. Contemporary topics such as distribution of income, the environment, education, sports, and health care may also be discussed.

Instructor: Allen Sanderson

Macroeconomics with Kotaro Yoshida

Macroeconomics lectures cover current major domestic and international issues in the U.S. economy, such as the determination of income and output, inflation, unemployment, and economic growth; money, banking, and the Federal Reserve System; federal spending, taxation, and deficits; and international trade, exchange rates, and the balance of payments.

Instructor: Kotaro Yoshida

Financial Literacy with Grace Tsiang

Financial literacy develops the tools to quantify the risk and return of financial investments. Topics explored may include arbitrage pricing, the capital asset pricing model, and the theory of efficient markets and option pricing.

Instructor: Grace Tsiang

Field Experiments with Min Sok Lee

A growing field in which the University of Chicago has been a leader, experimental economics uses experimental methods – observing everyday interactions and decisions made by people either in the lab or in the field -- to explore economic questions ranging from how markets and other exchange systems work to what motivates people to make decisions about matters such as conserving environmental resources or donating to charitable causes. Participants will explore recent experimental findings and learn how to gather and analyze data using experimental methods.

Instructor: Min Sok Lee

Guest lectures delivered by faculty members from various University of Chicago schools and departments complement and provide valuable context for the participants’ study of economics.

Below is a sample of the program’s guest speakers:

Professor John List

Chair of the Department of Economics, delivering introductory remarks at the start of the program.

Learn more about Professor John List

Professor Steven D. Levitt

William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor of Economics and co-author of the bestselling Freakonomics series.

Learn more about Professor Steven D. Levitt

Professor Linda Ginzel

of the Booth School of Business leading participants through a negotiation case study.

Learn more about Professor Linda Ginzel

Dr. David Meltzer

of the Biological Sciences Division, lauded for his contributions to the study of health economics.

Learn more about Dr. David Meltzer

The Admissions Academy helps students better understand the landscape of higher education in the U.S. and gain valuable insight into how a holistic admissions process works.

Topics include defining the liberal arts and taking a close look at highly selective admissions. Students tour selective college and university campuses.

Summer Session students

Campus Experience

The University of Chicago’s campus in Hyde Park offers opportunities for students in the Pathway Program to become involved in a community that welcomes different opinions, experiences, and stories.

Pathway students live in the University’s newest dorm, Campus North, which is centrally located on campus. Campus North Resident Advisors are available to answer questions, facilitate interactive programs, and chaperone students on excursions throughout the neighborhood and city.

Located 10 minutes from the Chicago city center via electric rail, Hyde Park is a quiet, residential neighborhood that is home to many faculty and staff. With easy access to amenities including banks, bookstores, and restaurants, as well as a 15 minute walk to Lake Michigan, Hyde Park is known for its walkability. The future site of the Obama Presidential Library is located in the neighborhood and will add to its many existing cultural institutions.

Gain exposure to our celebrated economics department by joining us this summer. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to request more information about the College Pathway Program in Economics and review several Frequently Asked Questions about the program.


Course Details

Participants may apply to one of two College Pathway sessions. Programming and content is identical for each session. Admitted students are enrolled in just one session.

  • Session I: Sunday, June 25th (move-in and orientation) to July 14th (check out by 9am)
  • Session II: Sunday, July 16th (move-in and orientation) to August 4th (check out by 9am)

College Pathways consists of four academic components:

  • Lectures in macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial literacy, and field experiments delivered by UChicago faculty in the Department of Economics.
  • Bi-weekly guest lectures delivered by preeminent UChicago faculty in the Division of Social Sciences.
  • Tailored tutorials and small group discussion sections delivered by a team of outstanding current UChicago students.
  • An Admissions Academy to prepare students for the U.S. college application and school selection processes led by the Office of College Admissions.

College Pathways courses do not offer academic credit or a grade. Students will receive individual evaluations of their participation from UChicago instructors.

Program Fee & Scholarships

Program fee: $5,300 (includes tuition, housing and dining, access to campus facilities)

Not included: University Student Health Insurance (U-SHIP): $204 for each 3-week session (participants who cannot prove that they have adequate health care coverage in the U.S. must enroll in and be billed for U-SHIP)


Need-based partial tuition scholarships (maximum 50% tuition award) to support families with demonstrated financial need.

Students will be asked to upload additional financial documentation on the Supplement page of their application. US citizens and permanent residents should supply their parents' most recent 1040s and W2s. International students should provide (1) a copy of the most recent income tax forms from the country where your parents pay taxes; (2) a letter from parents’ employer, stating position, salary, all benefits, and years of service; (3) a bank statement (or a letter from the bank) showing the amount of funds available to parents or student. If you have any questions about what to provide, please contact us at

Former participants in the UChicago Arts & Sciences in Asia programs will have their application fees waived and will receive a $500 scholarship towards the College Pathway Program in Economics program fee.


Thank you for your interest in the College Pathway Program in Economics. The program has filled and we are not accepting any further applications for Summer 2017. For other courses in Economics that you might be interested in, please visit UChicago Immersion or Undergraduate Courses pages.

Admissions Academy

In addition to the Economics curriculum, the Pathway program includes Admissions Academy sessions to help students better understand the landscape of higher education in the U.S. and gain some insight into how the admissions process works at highly selective U.S. institutions. Topics for these sessions include everything from an explanation of Liberal Arts Education, how to find the institution that fits you and your academic goals, and small group tours of other local colleges and universities.

International Students

College Pathways courses do not offer academic credit or grades. Participants in this program are not eligible for an F-1 or J-1 (international student) visa. Participants requiring a visa to enter the U.S. must do so on a B (tourist) visa. Participants should be sure to travel with a copy of their admittance letter when entering the U.S, in order to be able to produce it if asked to do so for immigration officials. Participants should also carefully review the visa information provided on the website of the consulate where they intend to apply for a visa and follow the instructions there. Please visit to find a consulate near you.


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