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Parrhesia Ambassador Program on Freedom of Expression: Pre-College Educators Seminar

This program is by invitation only.

Rooted in the University of Chicago Principles of Free Expression, the Parrhesia Summer Academy offers innovative and engaging curricula in the theory and practice of free expression, public discourse, and democratic engagement.

Program Details

What: The Parrhesia Ambassador Program on Freedom of Expression for Pre-College Educators Seminar provides an introduction to fundamental principles and practices of free expression and academic inquiry. It is aimed at furthering practices that build capacities for students to communicate about, with, and across differences and disagreements.

Who: Pre-College Educators are nominated by accepted Pre-College Parrhesia Students Ambassadors.

When: Wednesday, July 26th through Friday, July 28th, 2023

Where: The University of Chicago, Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

Costs: Travel (by plane, train or car), hotel, and food costs will be covered by the Parrhesia Summer Academy.

Application Requirements

This program is by invitation only. Pre-College Educators are nominated by participating students attending the Pre-College Parrhesia Students Ambassadors.

Engage with Faculty and Peers

The Seminar focuses on developing open and inclusive class discussions and assignments that emphasize multiple perspectives, testing ideas, and engaging in critical thinking. Presentations, workshops, and cohort-based activities provide an opportunity to learn, practice, and build curriculum and materials for educators to bring back to their schools.

This Seminar is led by Leila Brammer, Director of Parrhesia Summer Academy, Director of Outreach and Instructional Development, Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse.

Engage with Students

Educators also interact with students in the Parrhesia Ambassador program and participate with them in practices designed to engage multiple perspectives and ideas. Educators will experience multiple methods and assignments to support students' development of critical communication and critical thinking skills that are foundational to academic success, professional development and personal well-being.

Program Contact:

Questions should be directed to Max Bartley at