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International Students FAQs

Can international students apply to the UChicago Summer Session?
Yes, international high school and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply to the UChicago Summer Session. International students are admitted on F1 student visa status and have to be enrolled in a full-time course load. For High School Students, full time is considered enrollment in a high school-only program (such as Immersion or our Arts and Sciences on-campus programs) or enrollment in 2 concurrent undergraduate courses. For Visiting Students, full time is considered enrollment in 2 concurrent undergraduate courses. Please review the guidelines and policies page for more details.
Can I apply to the UChicago Summer Session if I currently attend another university in the U.S.?
Yes, international undergraduate students attending another university should apply and register as a Visiting Student. You will be required to submit your current undergraduate transcripts.
Do I still need to apply for a student visa if: I have a tourist visa and have entered the US without a student visa before; I have an ESTA; or my country has an agreement/visa exchange policy with the U.S.?
Yes. Entering the United States to take credit or certificate classes under a tourist visa is a violation of visa status. If you are found to be in violation of visa status it will make getting a visa in the future VERY difficult. For credit study is not allowed under the Visa Waiver Program or ESTA.
As a Canadian citizen, do I need to apply for a student visa?
Canadian citizens coming to the United States to study full-time should obtain an I-20 Certificate, but are not required to get a visa stamp in their passport.
Do you accept international transcripts as part of the application process?
Yes. High School Students should submit transcripts by mail to the University of Chicago with your school’s official stamp, seal, or signature. If your transcripts are not in English, you will need to provide an officially prepared English translation and submit that in addition to the original documentation. Please note we require transcripts from Grade 9 through your most recently completed academic quarter or semester. Visiting Undergraduates may submit their undergraduate transcripts online as part of the application process.
Do I need to convert my grade point average (GPA) to a 4.0 scale?
No, please keep your grades and grade point average in their original format.
Do you require TOEFL scores for International Students?

Students in Arts and Sciences in Chicago, RIBS, Stones and Bones, Immersion, and Undergraduate Courses must score at least a 104 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 7 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS); participants in College Pathway Program in Economics and Arts and Sciences in Asia must score at least a 100 on the TOEFL or a 6 on the IELTS. Other standardized tests, such as the CET, ACT, or SAT, are not an adequate substitute for the TOEFL or IELTS.

Adequate proficiency in English must be demonstrated in order to qualify for admission. If you do not submit TOEFL or IELTS scores, your transcripts do not show that you are eligible for a waiver, or you decline our request to participate in an Academic English Proficiency Assessment, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed for admission.

Please review the guidelines and policies page for more details.

Can I waive the English language test (TOEFL/IELTS) requirements?

You may request a waiver of the English language proficiency requirement if:

  • You are a native of the U.S., the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand; or a native of and have studied in English-medium schools in Canada, India, Hong Kong, or South Africa.


  • You have studied in full-time status for at least two academic years within the last five years in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or English medium universities in Canada or South Africa, engaging in a regular academic curriculum taught in English (in other words, not engaged in English as a Second Language or similar coursework).
    • You must submit transcripts that demonstrate that you meet the conditions for a waiver of the English language proficiency requirement.
    • Students who have studied in English in other countries (for example, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, or Singapore) are not exempt from the English language proficiency requirement.

If you meet the above conditions for eligibility, please submit a written request for a waiver of the requirement to and enter “00” as your TOEFL scores on your application. (The system will not allow you to submit an application without entering TOEFL scores.)

You will receive a confirmation of your waiver eligibility via email.

Eligible students may still be required to participate in an Academic English Proficiency Assessment (see below) to confirm proficiency.

Please review the guidelines and policies page for more details.

Do I need to obtain health insurance for the summer?
All students who cannot prove that they have adequate health care coverage in the U.S. must enroll in UChicago’s student health insurance plan (U-SHIP). If you wish to enroll in U-SHIP, you should follow the directions provided to admitted students for doing so at least two weeks before your arrival in the U.S. or by June 23, 2017, whichever is earlier; you will receive your insurance card via email, and will be billed for enrolling in the plan by the Bursar’s Office. If do not wish to enroll in U-SHIP because your current health insurance plan provides significant coverage in the United States, you must submit a waiver application verifying that you already have adequate comparable coverage before the June 23, 2017 deadline, or you will be enrolled in U-SHIP and billed accordingly by the Bursar's Office.
Are there scholarships available for international students?
A limited number of tuition scholarships are available to high school/secondary students who demonstrate both financial need and academic merit. These awards cover a portion of tuition costs only. High school students from Brazil or Mexico may apply for the Neubauer International Scholarship, where a select number of students will receive a full scholarship for one of our Immersion programs.
Do I need to stay enrolled full-time once I have entered the US?
Yes. Dropping below full-time enrollment will affect your student visa status. Please choose your courses carefully. If you are having difficulty with a course and are considering dropping please contact the summer session office as soon as possible to discuss your options.
Can I apply after the deadline for International Students?
The application deadline for students who will need visa eligibility documents takes visa processing times, interview schedules at consulates, and document processing times into consideration (among other things). We want students to be able to have their visas in time to make travel plans. Therefore, international students requiring visas must apply before the determined deadline. Please note all housing arrangements are final as of June 1 and students will be financially responsible for all charges associated with the reserved housing & dining even if they do not attend.

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