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Rozenn Bailleul-LeSeur

Rozenn Bailleul-LeSeur
Research Associate, Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago

Having recently received my PhD from the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department at the University of Chicago, Rozenn Bailleul-LeSeur is now a research associate in Egyptology at the Oriental Institute (OI). In her studies, she has endeavored to combine her passion for birds and her deep interest in ancient Egyptian society. In 2012-13, she curated an exhibit on birds in ancient Egypt at the OI museum, which started her down the path of research upon which Ancient Mummies and New Technologies is based. In addition to working on a catalog describing the bird mummies of the OI museum, she is a member of the research project based in Lyon (France) called MAHES (Momies Animales et Humaines Egyptiennes). During the next year, she will dedicate her time to the analysis of the 800 ancient Egyptian bird mummies held in the Natural History of Lyon.

“This course will give students the unique opportunity to experience what working with ancient artifacts implies; the challenges researchers may encounter; and also the exciting discoveries we make along the way,” Bailleul-LeSeur says. “Students will in particular become familiar with the tools needed to study these artifacts. Each mummy is unique and offers some interesting material for us to tackle. I truly look forward to studying the OI museum bird mummies with the students, as I know they will bring their fresh outlook on these artifacts, which we will virtually unwrap and discover together.”

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