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Noboru Nakamura

Noboru Nakamura
Instructor, UChicago Immersion, Extreme Weather, Climate Change, and Natural Hazards

Professor Nakamura was first drawn to atmospheric science as a high school student, while watching the skies and drawing weather maps during his backpacking trips. He then gradually developed interest in the underlying physical mechanisms, which steered his career choice as a scientist. With expertise in fluid dynamics, Nakamura values intuitive bottom-up thinking, which is reflected in both his research and teaching. He studies circulations of the atmosphere and oceans and their variability using the principles of fluid dynamics but also employs artfully designed lab demonstrations to bring life to his theories. Students of his Insight course will be exposed to not only the description of natural phenomena but physics behind them. Nakamura holds a B.S. from University of Tokyo and Ph.D. from Princeton. He has been on the faculty of the Department of the Geophysical Sciences since 1992. His “Natural Hazards” is one of the most highly attended core courses at the University of Chicago.

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