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Navneet Bhasin

Instructor, Biotechnology for the 21st Century

Navneet Bhasin has an extensive training in molecular biology, genetics and microbiology. She is a Lecturer in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division and directs labs for the advanced biology concentration courses, namely Molecular Biology of the Cell and Biological Systems. She also teaches Common Core biology and Biotechnology for the 21st Century to students who are not concentrating in biology. Ms. Bhasin encourages personalized education by incorporating topical research, presentations, and bioethical debates in areas of student’s specific interests into her courses. Her goal is to teach principles of biology in a way that enable students to draw connections between themselves and the world in which they live.

Her Intensive course is designed to explore biological principles as they explain life and nature, and how they can be applied to resolve a broad range of issues that face humankind. To make this connection between theoretical and applied knowledge, students will learn about various biotechnological advances which make an impact on many aspects of our everyday lives, such as gene therapy, pharmacogenetics, genetically modified foods, bioengineered crops and animals, and bioremediation, and will also conduct experiments, which utilize laboratory techniques that form the basis of recombinant DNA technology, bioinformatics, forensics and genetic manipulations of microorganisms. Finally, to enhance the learning experience, we will also take a trip or two to real life biotech industry and laboratories. In teaching the course, her overarching goal is encourage students to integrate “various research fields when looking for multifaceted solutions to problems facing humanity regarding natural resources, quality of life, and conservation of energy, to name a few.”

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