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Laura Shneidman

Instructor, UChicago Immersion, Developmental Psychology

“When I took my first course in Developmental Psychology as an undergraduate I was completely captivated by the field,” says Laura Shneidman. “I hope to share that excitement with the students who take this course.” Shneidman graduated with a Ph.D in developmental psychology from the University of Chicago, and currently works as a research scientist at the University of Chicago Infant Learning and Development Laboratory. In the lab, she utilizes eye tracking and behavioral experimental methodologies to examine children’s early social cognition and social learning. A second branch of her research is conducted in a Yucatec Mayan community in south eastern Mexico (where the accompanying photo was taken). There, she uses cross-cultural comparative methods (both observational and experimental) in order to examine relations between environmental experience and early learning, focusing on both language and action learning. She looks forward to sharing her love of her work, and her knowledge about how to design psychological experiments, with her UChicago Immersion students.

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