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Cassie Freeman

Cassie Freeman
Instructor, Developmental Psychology

Cassie Freeman is a doctoral student researcher at the University of Chicago, where she has worked on projects analyzing the role of parent-child interactions and gesture in speech development, as well as developing assessment tools for mathematics and scientific process skills in young children, an area of developmental psychology that is of particular interest to her. She often compares what she uncovers in her research to her own experiences, and will encourage students to do the same. Students will be able to do more than consider their own formative experiences, however, when they have the opportunity to do their own research with actual subjects: “The most exciting aspect of the course will be the data collection on real children and their parents in the lab. It is rare that high school students have an opportunity to collect such extensive data on young subjects and designing their own research in this area will prepare them well for future studies in psychology. Above all, I hope that students will take away a feeling that they can do the rigorous research that is necessary to make advances in this science and that, with so many avenues for investigation, there are many questions which they can take on as their own.” Her experience teaching everywhere from the College at the University of Chicago to an elementary school and an inner-city after-school program in New York City inform how and what she teaches. As befits someone who studies how children develop scientific skills and knowledge, Ms. Freeman is deeply invested in what students experience in the classroom: “The thing I like most about teaching is interacting with students to build knowledge together. They bring unique perspectives to the content and in the process of making it their own, I learn along with them.”

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