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Beatrice Fineschi

Beatrice Fineschi
Instructor, Contagion: Infectious Agents and Emerging Diseases

Beatrice Fineschi is trained in molecular biology, immunology and virology. She is a lecturer in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division who “enjoys immensely” teaching Common Core biology courses as well as immunology to students who are not concentrating in biology. In addition to her UChicago Immersion course, she teaches Infectious Lifestyles 1 and 2, a sequence offered as part of the Summer Quarter Undergraduate Course Offerings.

Ms. Fineschi designed this Intensive course to allow students to better understand the nature of infectious diseases and possible prevention measures, as well as treatment strategies and their limitations. “Infectious diseases are an important public health problem, killing over 13 million people worldwide each year,” she says, making this a crucial topic for all of us to understand. “Changes in our society and in the microorganisms themselves are contributing to the evolution of drug resistance and to the emergence of novel pathogens. Effective control of pathogens requires a better and clear understanding by health professionals and by the general population alike.”  While she has covered these topics in traditional undergraduate courses, she is eager to tackle them in an intensive, hands-on format, which will allow plenty of time for lecture and discussion, as well as for laboratory activities, including individual research projects that will allow the students to explore topics of personal interest. All of these will help students to reflect in depth reflection on the issues involved in researching and attempting to contain infectious diseases.

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