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Hispanic and Latino students in the Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program

Neubauer Family Adelante
Summer Scholars

Thanks to the vision and the generosity of the Neubauer family, top students engaged in Hispanic and Latino communities can now participate in select University of Chicago Summer Session courses free of charge.

The Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program brings talented rising high school seniors to the University of Chicago campus to get an early taste of an exceptional college experience. Outstanding students who share the Neubauers' commitment to the Hispanic and Latino communities are invited to apply.

Students selected will receive a full scholarship to participate in one of two Summer Session courses: Collegiate Writing: Awakening Into Consciousness and Contagion: Infectious Agents and Emerging Diseases (see course details tab below). Even if you don't plan to study English or Biology in college, being a Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholar is a great way to get an early look at college-level classes and get a feel for life on campus--and to have a ton of fun in the process. You'll spend the morning gaining hands-on experience from teachers who are experts in their fields and the evening exploring Chicago with your classmates.

“I was a part of the Neubauer Adelante program and absolutely loved it! I took Awakening into Consciousness and cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed the Socratic Seminar style of learning--the answers were not given, they were discovered, something that was hugely different from my high school's way of teaching, and I believe to be much more intriguing. It was here that my love for learning was fully realized. But if I were to be perfectly honest, I would have to say that the part of the program I missed most was the people I encountered. All 31 of us Neubauer scholars became unimaginably close; whether it was dancing to tango, exploring the city, or simply working on essays, we were always together. I can't thank the University of Chicago enough for giving me this opportunity.”

Stephanie W.
Waunakee High School
Waunakee, WI


Course Details

Students can apply for one of the following courses:

Collegiate Writing: Awakening Into Consciousness
How might we, as individuals and societies, sometimes remain unaware or ignorant? How can our lives – psychological, social, political, and spiritual – be reshaped by awakening from this lack of awareness? What does it mean to achieve true consciousness? This intensive course in analytical writing at the collegiate level will offer a chance to think through these questions and to craft rhetorically-effective essays that explore the enduring struggle to understand what it means for us to awaken into consciousness. This exploration will take us on a journey through many fields – from religion and mythology to politics, philosophy, literature, and the arts. In our seminar sessions, we will consider how thinkers and artists have envisioned human consciousness and our efforts to achieve a truer understanding of ourselves and the world. Writing by TS Eliot and Ralph Waldo Emerson will be paired with the influential Indian spiritual text, the Bhagavad-Gita, and works of political philosophy by Karl Marx and Plato. These written texts will be complemented by some of the most striking visual and filmic art of the last centuries, from Surrealist painting to experimental film and beyond. In our writing sessions, we will work closely to develop and refine the techniques of writing and revision that will allow you to transform your ideas and insights into powerful essays, using rhetorical instruction materials and small group workshops that replicate the intensive writing seminars taken by University of Chicago undergraduates.

Course Code: HUMA 20904 96
Session: I
Dates: Orientation June 17-18; class meets June 19 to July 7, 2017; MTWRF 9am-4pm (one-hour lunch break)
Instructor: Michael Subialka
Collegiate Writing: Awakening Into Consciousness - Sample Syllabus

Contagion: Infectious Agents and Emerging Diseases
Zika, Ebola, HIV, SARS…in our increasingly globalized and mobile world, infectious diseases can emerge and spread faster than ever before, making epidemics, even pandemics, a real possibility. That, together with increasing antibiotic resistance, makes understanding where these threats come from and how we can control their spread one of the most urgent issues of our time. In this three-week course, students will learn about the origin, biology, and evolution of some of the most feared viruses, such as Ebola, HIV, and Influenza, and lethal bacteria such as E. coli. We will explore the nature of emerging diseases and will use particular examples to discover how we can predict and control their spread. Our dependence on microbes from an evolutionary point of view will also be discussed. Students will have access to the state-of-the-art laboratory facilities at the University of Chicago for hands-on activities such as PCR, CRISPR, DNA sequencing, DNA sequence analysis, viral culture and antibody studies all applied to the study of infections and immunity (and will not be exposed to dangerous materials).

Course Code: BIOS 15105 96
Session: I
Dates: Orientation June 17-18; class meets June 19 to July 7, 2017; MTWRF 9am-4pm (one-hour lunch break)
Instructor: Beatrice Fineschi
Contagion: Infectious Agents and Emerging Diseases - Sample Syllabus

Tuition & Fees

Students selected for the program will receive a full scholarship, including course tuition, housing and dining, Student Life Fee, and the cost of travel to and from campus.


  • Open to students who are current juniors for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • This is a residential program. The scholarship covers residential fees and the cost of travel to and from campus.
  • Applications accepted beginning mid-November 2016.
  • Final deadline is March 15, 2017 at 5:00pm CST.
  • The online application and all supplementary materials must be received by the final deadline.  Late applications will not be considered.
  • All applications will be reviewed after March 15 and decisions will be released in mid-April.
  • Review Application Overview pages for detailed information.

I am so grateful for this experience. The Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program truly changed my life for the better. I feel so prepared to go out into my community and the world and make a real difference.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I found value in everything I did and learned: becoming accustomed to the college lifestyle, doing college level work, developing life-long (hopefully) friendships, learning to navigate public transportation, exploring Chicago, learning more about the college application process. This was an experience that I will treasure forever.

The other students in the Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program honestly became like a family to me - there was always someone to spend time with in the lounge, always someone ready to get a shake at Medici's with you, always a group ready to go to salsa. I thought college was more isolating than high school, but it really is not. Here at UChicago I felt closer to my fellow Neubauers then most of my peers back at home. I love the sense of community on campus.

The most important thing that I am coming away with is that I am beyond excited to go to college and major in the sciences. I was passionate before, but UChicago has only impassioned me more. I can't wait to delve into new ideas and concepts and get a new perspective on the world. Liberal Arts College is definitely for me. I have a lot of interests and I want to satisfy all of them; however, I am not sure that my curiosity will ever be satiated.

The most important thing I can take away from this program is the adventurous spirit I cultivated. Whether it was making a bold comment in class discussion or going on a downtown Chicago adventure or dancing full out in a salsa class, I definitely got out of my comfort zone at UChicago.

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