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Introduction to Computer Science 1

Program(s): Undergraduate Courses

Computers are extremely helpful at solving computational problems: problems involving numbers, counting, logic, arranging things, ordering things, manipulating images, solving puzzles, developing game strategies, and so on. This course examines a rich assortment of interesting and increasingly challenging topics, and explores what computer science has discovered about them, and what is yet to be discovered. Our main activity will be programming, and no prior experience in programming will be assumed. We will follow the methodology from the text How to Design Programs and use Scheme as our programming language. Topics will include compound and self-referential data structures, first-order and higher-order functions, trees, graphs, fractal graphics, and some classic algorithms. This course meets the general education requirement in the mathematical sciences and is recommended for all students planning to take more advanced courses in computer science.

Remote or Residential

✓ Residential Course


Course Considerations

While no prerequisite exists for this course, since it is a very intensive course, some prior exposure (formal or informal) is useful.

Course Overview

Current Grade / Education Level

Undergrad / Grad


Undergraduate Courses

Start Date

June 13

End Date

August 05

Class Details

Academic Interest

Math and Computer Science

Class Specifics

Course Code

CMSC 15100 91

Class Day(s)

Tues Thurs

Class Duration (CST)


2:50 P.M.


Session I

Course Length

8 weeks

Lab Day(s)

Mon Wed