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Culture and Immigration

Program(s): Immersion

*Taught Online for Summer 2021*  Immigration defines our past and present: from refugee crises to diasporic communities old and new, from the increasingly globalized nature of higher education to tech giants employing skilled laborers of diverse nationalities, immigration has shaped and continues to shape our reality. This course will have a double purpose: (1) to explore immigration through its representations across diverse media including fiction, poetry, journalism, and digital art; and (2) to introduce students to college-level writing and critical analysis. By studying works such as the fiction of Dominican-American writer Junot Díaz, the nonfiction of Iranian-American journalist Tara Bahrampour, and a virtual reality installation by of Mexican director Alejandro González Iñarritu, we will touch on issues ranging from bilingualism to adaptation, and from nostalgia to assimilation. By thinking critically on such issues, students will take a major step towards becoming more conscientious global citizens. 

Daily Course Expectations

  • 6 hours of daily work
  • Mix of synchronous and asynchronous work (see definitions here)
  • 1 required synchronous morning session per day

Course Considerations

This course is designed to give students a taste of what all UChicago first-year students experience in the Humanities Core, a foundational part of every student’s education in the College, where students enter into conversation with great thinkers of the past and present about questions and issues that have preoccupied mankind for millennia. The Humanities Core teaches students to read closely, think critically, and communicate effectively. In small discussion-based seminars, students learn and practice the art of oral argument and dialogue. Through short assignments and longer papers, as well as group sessions that replicate writing seminars taken by University of Chicago undergraduates, students will work on constructing cogent arguments and refine their expository writing skills. In short, they will come away with an insider’s view of what makes a UChicago education unique, and with training that will stand them in good stead wherever they undertake their undergraduate studies.

Writing Intensive
Reading Intensive

Course Overview

Current Grade / Education Level

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade



Start Date

June 21

End Date

July 08

Class Details

Primary Instructor

Ali Kulez

Secondary Instructor

Academic Interest

Humanities (e.g., arts, philosophy)
Examining Culture and Society
Social Sciences (e.g., history, sociology)
Writing and Literature

Class Specifics

Course Code

HUMA 10101 94

Class Day(s)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri


Session I

Course Length

3 weeks