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America in World Civilization-III

Program(s): Undergraduate Courses, Summer College

*Taught Online for Summer 2021*  The American Civ sequence examines America as a contested idea and a contested place by reading and writing about a wide array of primary sources. In the process, students gain a new sense of historical awareness and of the making of America. The course is designed both for history majors and non-majors who want to deepen their understanding of the nation's history, encounter some enlightening and provocative voices from the past, and develop the qualitative methodology of historical thinking. 

The twentieth-century segment of American Civ asks:  What conditions have shaped inclusion and exclusion from the category "American" in the twentieth century? Who has claimed rights, citizenship, and protection, and under what conditions? We focus on multiple definitions of Americanism in a period characterized by empire, transnational formations, and America's role in the world. We explore the construction of social order in a multicultural society; culture in the shadow of war; the politics of race, ethnicity, and gender; the rise and fall of new social movements on the left and the right; the emergence of the carceral state and militarization of civil space; and the role of climate change and the apocalyptic in shaping imagined futures.

Course Considerations

It is recommended that students take this course in chronological sequence: HIST 13500–13600 (I & II) or HIST 13600–13700 (II & III).

Course Overview

Current Grade / Education Level

11th Grade
12th Grade
Undergrad / Grad


Undergraduate Courses
Summer College

Start Date

July 12

End Date

July 30

Class Details

Primary Instructor

Naama Maor

Academic Interest

Social Sciences (e.g., history, sociology)

Class Specifics

Course Code

HIST 13700 91

Class Day(s)

Mon Wed Thurs

Class Duration (CST)


4:30 P.M.


Session II

Course Length

3 weeks