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Cost & Aid: Undergraduate Programs

Program Costs for Summer 2018

Chicago Climate Change & Culture Institute (4CI) No housing: $5,650
4-weeks housing (double room): $7,500
Chicago in Beijing: A Mandarin Chinese Immersion Program $6,000
Summer Urban Studies Program: Police and Citizen No housing: $4,900
6-weeks housing (double room): $8,500
Undergraduate Courses Varies based on amount of courses and time on campus:
1 course, no housing: $4,400
2 courses, 3-week housing, double room: $10,300

Financial Aid


Chicago Climate Change & Culture Institute:

Competitive, merit-based scholarship awards will be awarded. To apply you will need to supply the following materials as part of your application:

  • One (1) letter of recommendation from a faculty member who has taught you.

Urban Studies Program:

Competitive, merit-based scholarship awards will be awarded. To apply you will need to supply the following materials as part of your application:

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation, one (1) from a faculty member who has taught you and one (1) from someone who can speak to your community/civic involvement and leadership qualities.

Withdrawing and Refunds


All students who have confirmed their admission will be registered in their course(s); if you decide to withdraw after you have sent in your confirmation form and deposit, you must file an official withdrawal request with the Summer Session Office. Students are still responsible for the program fee if they have not officially withdrawn. Approval of any withdrawal, including the date on which the withdrawal takes effect, must be certified by the Summer Session Office.

Please Note: Verbally informing an instructor that you are withdrawing or failing to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal.


Please note the following refund policies:

  • Housing and dining charges become final on June 1, 2018 and cannot be refunded or reduced after this date.
  • All fees (e.g., Application Fee) are nonrefundable.
  • Enrollment deposits will be refunded only if a course or program is canceled, and the student does not select another course or program to attend in its place.

2018 tuition refunds for each program are as follows:

Summer Quarter Undergraduate Course Offerings, Urban Studies, and 4CI Refunds

The tuition refund amount decreases with the lateness of the withdrawal date, according to a schedule set by the Registrar's Office. Because courses vary in length, tuition refund schedules differ. The last day for a full tuition refund is the second day of class when dropping a three-week course and the third day of class when dropping a five- or six-week course.

For tuition refund information on Chicago in Beijing course offerings, click here.


If you request a course that is full, you will be contacted by our office and asked if you would like to select an alternative course or program. The best way to avoid being shut out of a course is to complete your application as early as possible. Students should also be aware that, on rare occasions, courses may be canceled due to under-enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a course is full or canceled, students may select another course or withdraw from the program, and if withdrawing will receive a full refund of all deposits, except the application fee.