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Cost & Aid: High School Programs

Program Costs for Summer 2018

All program fees including housing and dining for the duration of the program, unless otherwise noted. Fees for Summer 2019 will be available in December.

Arts and Sciences UChicago $6,500
College Pathway Programs $5,700
UChicago Immersion $6,500
Research in the Biological Sciences $11,400
Stones & Bones $11,400
Undergraduate Courses for High School Students Varies based on amount of courses and time on campus:
2 courses, 3-week housing: $10,500
2 courses, 5-week housing: $11,900

Financial Aid


High school students admitted to Summer Session are eligible for a number of different partial tuition scholarships. In order to be considered for the need-based Maroon Summer Scholarship, students must complete the additional information requested in the application. Students will be notified of scholarship awards at the time of the admission decision to Summer Session.


Need-based partial tuition scholarships (maximum 50% tuition award) to support families with demonstrated financial need.

The maximum amount of scholarship aid that will be awarded is determined by the cost of the program.

Pathway Program: up to $1,500

Arts & Science UChicago, UChicago Immersion, and Undergraduate courses: up to $2,000 per course

Stones & Bones and RIBS: up to $4,000

Students will be asked to upload additional financial documentation on the Supplement page of their application. US citizens and permanent residents should supply their parents' most recent 1040s and W2s. International students should provide (1) a copy of the most recent income tax forms from the country where your parents pay taxes; (2) a letter from parents’ employer, stating position, salary, all benefits, and years of service; (3) a bank statement (or a letter from the bank) showing the amount of funds available to parents or student. If you have any questions about what to provide, please contact us at


For students who exemplify a future UChicago student, with an outstanding record in academics, leadership, contributions to their community, and extracurricular achievements.

Students selected for this program who have completed our Summer Programs for High School students and who later apply and are admitted to the College, are eligible to receive a $16,000 merit scholarship ($4,000 per year for four years) from College Admissions.

No additional application is needed; all applicants are evaluated automatically for this scholarship.


Thanks to the vision and the generosity of the Neubauer family, top students from Brazil, Mexico, and Vietnam can now participate in select University of Chicago Summer Session courses free of charge. Students selected as Neubauer International Summer Scholars will receive a full scholarship to participate in either UChicago Arts and Sciences or UChicago Immersion - Summer Programs for High School Students. Please note that this is a separate program from the Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program; students interested in the Neubauer International Summer Scholars program should NOT apply to the Neubauer Family Adelante Summer Scholars program.


Students who apply through external scholarship partners will have varied scholarship opportunities.

Accepted partner organization scholarships include:

  • Boys and Girls Club of Chicago

  • Ivy League Connections

  • Mawhiba Foundation


  • Summer of a Lifetime

  • Summer Sisters

  • Success Academy Charter Schools

  • Questbridge

Students who apply as part of an external scholarship cohort will not have to pay an application fee or submit a Tuition Scholarship Form. They must, however, upload a letter confirming their affiliation with the partnership program on the supplement page of their application; the partnership organization must also confirm the student's affiliation in a separate communication with the Summer Session Office.

Withdrawing and Refunds


All students who have confirmed their admission will be registered in their course(s); if you decide to withdraw after you have sent in your confirmation form and deposit, you must file an official withdrawal request with the Summer Session Office. Students are still responsible for the program fee if they have not officially withdrawn. Approval of any withdrawal, including the date on which the withdrawal takes effect, must be certified by the Summer Session Office.

Please Note: Verbally informing an instructor that you are withdrawing or failing to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal.


Please note the following refund policies:

  • Housing and dining charges become final on June 1, 2018 and cannot be refunded or reduced after this date.
  • All fees (e.g., Application Fee) are nonrefundable.
  • Enrollment deposits will be refunded only if a course or program is canceled, and the student does not select another course or program to attend in its place.

2018 tuition refunds for each program are as follows:

Summer Quarter Undergraduate Course Offerings Refunds

The tuition refund amount decreases with the lateness of the withdrawal date, according to a schedule set by the Registrar's Office. Because courses vary in length, tuition refund schedules differ. The last day for a full tuition refund is the second day of class when dropping a three-week course and the third day of class when dropping a five- or six-week course.

UChicago Immersion, Research in the Biological Sciences (RIBS), and Arts & Sciences Refunds

Students allowed to withdraw all or part of their course registration in these programs will be granted a refund of a portion of the original tuition charges according to the deadlines given below.

  • Second day of class: Last day for 50% program fee refund.
  • Third day of class: Last day for 25% program fee refund.
  • Thereafter, there are no refunds for these programs.

Stones and Bones Refunds

Students allowed to withdraw all or part of their course registration in these programs will be granted a refund of a portion of the original tuition charges according to the deadlines given below.

  • June 1: Last day for 50% program fee refund.
  • June 19: Last day for 25% program fee refund.
  • Thereafter, there are no refunds for this program.


If you request a course that is full, you will be contacted by our office and asked if you would like to select an alternative course or program. The best way to avoid being shut out of a course is to complete your application as early as possible. Students should also be aware that, on rare occasions, courses may be canceled due to under-enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a course is full or canceled, students may select another course or withdraw from the program, and if withdrawing will receive a full refund of all deposits, except the application fee.