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Online Community & Support


Outside of the classroom, our Community Mentors plan and lead daily activities for students to get to know each other and learn about campus and the city of Chicago. Our Community Mentors are current UChicago undergraduates who are trained for their roles, and who are especially excited to help introduce precollege students to what makes UChicago a distinctive and dynamic learning environment.

Community Mentors and Teaching Assistants will provide additional support and reach out to students who may need additional assistance with managing their time, meeting academic expectations, or mastering course content. Community Mentors are current or recently-graduated UChicago students who provide an additional level of support and guidance to Summer Session students.

They also share resources to help students navigate their classes, connect with other Summer Session students, and learn more about the UChicago campus, culture and experience. Students will find the same traits that help you succeed in traditional, face-to-face classes will stand you in good stead online: be organized, disciplined, and always up for a challenge. Summer Session staff will make available a number of detailed resources to help guide students to success as they make the transition to learning remotely at UChicago this summer.

In addition to academic support, Community Mentors will host a variety of different events and activities. For the different events and sessions hosted, Summer Session students can pick and choose from a variety of pre-scheduled virtual events to suit a wide range of interests. Events may include virtual campus and city tours, museum outings, trivia and other contests, and much more. All events are planned and led by the Community Mentor staff, and may be tailored to the needs or requests of Summer Session students.