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Admitted High School Students

Congratulations on your admittance to UChicago’s Summer Session programs! We are looking forward to having you on our campus this summer. As an admitted Summer Session student, you will have access to to various services and resources at UChicago that we would like to make you aware of prior to Summer Session beginning. Additionally, we are providing you here pertinent information that includes a checklist of items you must complete before Summer Session begins, a note concerning the mandatory orientation day for admitted Summer Session students, and additional information that addresses UChicago residence life, course and billing information, and campus life and safety. 

Becoming a UChicago Student: A Checklist

Step 1

Within one week after receiving your acceptance letter, you must go to the status page of your online Summer Session account and:

  • Submit the Reply to Offer of Admission form 
  • Pay your first $1,000 nonrefundable enrollment deposit
  • Upload an ID photo that will be used to create your UChicago student ID card (this card will be given to you when you check in at Orientation) 

Your ID Card will be very valuable to you while you’re on campus. Among other things, it gives you access to: 

Once you have paid your first enrollment deposit, your parents will receive an email containing instructions on:

  • how to fill out the Parent Confirmation Form (form is emailled directly to and must be completed by parents only) 
  • how to fill out these required forms together
    • Health and Medical Information (found in UChicago account)
    • Emergency Contact Information (found in UChicago account)
    • Academic, Social & Residential Policies Acknowledgement (found in UChicago account)
    • Student Waiver of FERPA Rights (found in UChicago account)

Step 2 

Four weeks after you are admitted, go to the status page of your online account to pay the remaining balance of the program fee.

Step 3

After May 10

Your CNET ID gives access to:

  •  University e-mail address ( 
  • Access to class information and billing on myUChicago 
  • Access to grades and transcripts 
  • Log on to Canvas (the University of Chicago’s online course content site) 
  • Access to computer terminals, WiFi, and online resources 
  • Keep a record of this information – you’ll need it even after you are no longer a student here to get your grades and request transcripts.